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Natural Disasters

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DHS, DHS Science and Technology Directorate, Fire Fighting, Firefighter, Firefighter health, turnout ensemble

New Turnout Ensemble Aims to Reduce Firefighter Cancer Risk

A new suite of personal protective equipment (PPE) may provide additional protection for firefighters from exposure to carcinogenic vapors and particulate matter at incident sites.



DHS, S&T, First Responders, responder tech, New York, grand central terminal, TTPs, Response

New York First Responders Train for Critical Incident Response at Grand Central Terminal, Test New Tech


New York City emergency responders conducted a critical incident training exercise early Sunday morning at Grand Central Terminal, and tested out some new technologies provided by DHS S&T.



Drone, Hurricane, Hurricane Relief, Neural image technology, Insurance adjuster, Hurricane Harvey, Software, Natural Disaster, insurance claims

Wichita State University Student Uses Drone Imaging for Hurricane Relief Effort in Texas


James Balman is an insurance adjuster and a Wichita State University Master of Innovation Design (MID) student contributing to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. He is an independent adjuster, contracted by a variety of insurance agencies to help assess damages and accurately process insurance claims. The software he had been working on during his time at WSU is now making a difference to the citizens of Rockport, Texas.




Puerto Rico, Natural Disasters, Admissions applications , Student Aid

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Offers Tuition Assistance to Students From Puerto Rico

Students affected by Hurricane Maria and other natural disasters can apply to UWM via an alternative, indvidualized admissions process and potentially get in-state tuition for their first semester.



ASHP, drug shortages, SVP, small-volume parenteral, mini bags, Intravenous, Hospitals, Pharmacists, Patients, Hurricane Maria, Medication Safety, FDA, douglas scheckelhoff, University of Utah Drug Information Service, Food & Drug Administration

Pharmacists Offer Recommendations for Managing Shortages of Small-Volume Parenteral Solutions

ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) and the University of Utah Drug Information Service have developed a fact sheet that provides an outline of potential actions for healthcare organizations to consider in managing shortages of small-volume parenteral solutions (SVPs).


Law and Public Policy


Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump, Politics, U.S. Politics, Race

Politics Expert Available to Comment on U.S.-Puerto Rico Policy and Presidential Leadership




Tsunami, Tsunami victim, Skull

Aitape Skull Likely Belongs to World’s Oldest Tsunami Victim


Mark Golitko, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, worked with colleagues from the Field Museum in Chicago and institutes in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to study the Aitape skull and the area it was found in.



Flood, flood resilience, round table, DHS, S&T, R&D, Flood Insurance

National Conversation on Homeland Security Technology: Commercial Flood Insurance Roundtable

The DHS S&T's National Conversation on Homeland Security Technology is focused on gathering stakeholder insights to identify flood risk and insurance information, along with tools to build more resilient communities.



Communication, Natural Disaster, Vietnam

Queen’s University Belfast Researcher Creates Communications System That Can Battle a Natural Disaster


A researcher at Queen’s University Belfast has been shortlisted for the 2017 Newton Prize after he created a robust wireless communications system which can battle through an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Florida State University, Rachel Douglas, Anne Barrett, College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Eren Erman Ozguven, Pet-friendly shelters, Emergency Preparedness, Miami-Dade County, shelter animals

Evacuating Older Adults and Their Furry Friends: FSU Study Finds Florida Needs More Pet-Friendly Shelters


Florida needs more pet-friendly shelters, especially for older adults who represent 50 to 75 percent of deaths following disasters like hurricanes, according to a recent study from Florida State University.

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