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Cholera, Bangladesh, Climate, Bay of Bengal, Epidemic Forecasting, Bengal Delta, Outbreaks, Floods

New Insight into Predicting Cholera in the Bengal Delta

In Bangladesh cholera epidemics occur twice a year. Scientists have tried, without success, to determine the causes – and advance early detection and prevention efforts. Researchers from Tufts University have proposed a link between cholera and fluctuating water levels in the region's three principal rivers – the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna.



Tsunami, Earthquake, Erosion, Kuril Islands, Crescent City, Pacific, Russia

Fortuitous Research Provides First Detailed Documentation of Tsunami Erosion

For the first time, a group of scientists working in the Kuril Islands off the east coast of Russia has documented the scope of tsunami-caused erosion and found that a wave can carry away far more sand and dirt than it deposits.



Tsunami, Caesarea, Waves, Geoarchaeology, Mediterranean, Carbon 14, Santorini, Volcano, Earthquake

Tsunami Waves Reasonably Likely to Strike Israel


New geo-archaeological research at the University of Haifa concludes that tsunami waves are reasonably likely to strike Israel. The study, carried out by Dr. Beverly N. Goodman, exposes evidence of four tsunami events on the coast of Caesarea.



Earthquake, Samoa, Tsunami, Disaster, Engineering

Civil Engineers Travel to Samoa to Study Effects of Earthquake and Tsunami

American Society of Civil Engineers sends post-disaster assessment team to review coast and lifeline system performance.



Tsumani, Emergency Response, Natural Hazards, Risk Management, Geoscience

Tsunami Evacuation Buildings: Another Way to Save Lives in the Pacific Northwest

“Geology of the Pacific NW makes an earthquake-triggered tsunami inevitable and imminent in geologic time,” says Yumei Wang, geotechnical engineer at the Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, “yet coastal towns in the northwest are woefully unprepared for such a large-scale natural disaster.”




Cornell Tsunami Expert: Philip Liu

Philip Liu, Cornell professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is an expert on tsunamis, ocean waves and their impact on coastlines. He led the NSF-sponsored group of U.S. scientists who investigated the aftermath of the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.




Findlay, Ohio, Flood, Community Foundation, Hancock County

Flood Survivors Share Lessons Learned to Help Other Communities

Individuals and businesses who experienced the flood of 2007 in Findlay, Ohio, are sharing many lessons learned from the experience to help other communities who will face flooding in the future.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Flood, Mississippi River, Environmental Disaster, Disaster Recovery, Sandbag, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Congress, Homeland Security, Safety And Ecology Corporation, Levees, Katrina, Myanmar

Former Congressman and Disaster Recovery Experts Available to Discuss Mississippi River Flood Recovery


Following on the heels of environmental tragedies in China and Myanmar, the past week has brought dramatic coverage of the rising banks of the Mississippi river, and the frantic efforts of residents and volunteers to protect their homes and towns from flooding. With the country anxiously waiting to see whether sandbag barricades will hold the flooding at bay, former congressman and environmental disaster recovery experts C. Thomas McMillen and Christopher P. Leichtweis are available to speak on preventative efforts and the best course of action in the weeks ahead.



Floods, Damage, Midwest, Iowa, Economic, Impact, GDP

Economists Prepare Report on Economic Impact of 2008 Floods in Iowa

A report by Iowa State University's Regional Capacity Analysis Program how the economic impact of this year's flooding across Iowa will be calculated. Once all of the official losses are reported, ISU economists say the total may approach or exceed the $1.45 billion in losses to crops, livestock, and personal property/income reported in the state's 1993 floods.



Flood, mold, Remediation, E Coli, Emergency, Preparedness

Emergency Planning Expert Provides Safety Tips for Flood Victims

Public health expert is available to talk about safety precautions for volunteers and homeowners, as well as the long-term implications of the flood.

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