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Bridge, Structure, skin, Engineering, Collapse

Bridge Skin Could Reveal Cracks and Corrosion Beneath

A new "skin" for bridges, buildings and airplanes could be a sixth sense for inspectors looking for cracks and corrosion that could lead to a catastrophic failure like the recent Minneapolis bridge collapse.



I-35, Bridge, Minneapolis, Structure, PNNL, Failure, Steel, Concrete, Microstructural, Cracks

Civil Infrastructure Integrity and Testing Experts Available

PNNL civil infrastructure experts are available to reporters to discuss the development and deployment of sensor technology for evaluating material degradation associated with failure in steel, concrete, composite and other structures.



Bridge, Structure, Safety

Tipsheet: Bridge Structure and Safety

Tipsheet on bridge structure and safety.


Arts and Humanities


Bridge, Phobia, Expert

Bridge Collapse Will Raise Fears and Phobias, Expert Says

The bridge collapse in Minneapolis this week raises fears about personal safety in most of us, especially those who have suffered past traumas or from personal safety phobias, according to a University at Buffalo expert on post-traumatic stress disorder.



Minneapolis, Bridge Collapse, I 35

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: It May Take Months for Answers

Any one of hundreds of components could have led to the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis, expert says.



Sandia National Laboratories, Critical Infrastructure Defenders, Information Design Assurance Red Team

Greater Infrastructure Security Against Global Threats Taught at Conference

Understand your adversaries and defend against them -- Critical infrastructure defenders can learn from government "red teams" and intelligence professionals how to better protect their systems by attending a three-day conference in Washington, D.C., Aug. 28-30, hosted by Sandia National Laboratories' Information Design Assurance Red Team (IDART) at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel.



Regional, Freight, Challenges

Midwest Transportation Coalition Addresses Regional Freight Challenges

Bearing such freight as consumer goods, agricultural products and manufacturing shipments, thousands of semi trucks hurtle daily through the Midwest on the region's increasingly crowded web of highways and freeways.



Bridges, Precast, Concrete, Safety, Engineering, LOAD, Testing

Old and Ugly, Troubled Bridges Can Be Safe

Recent terrorist threats and a catastrophic accident have put bridges in the spotlight and raised questions concerning their safety. University of Arkansas researchers have been trying to find the answers for some well-traveled bridges.

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