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NIST, chip, Memory, Twist, Flexible, Memory Resistor, Memristor, Wearable Sensors, Engineers, Health, Blood Pressure, Monitor

Memory with a Twist: NIST Develops a Flexible Memristor

Electronic memory chips may soon gain the ability to bend and twist as a result of work by engineers at NIST, who have found a way to build a flexible memory component out of inexpensive, readily available materials.



Dr. George Shih, Dr. Robert Min, Radiology, CT, MRI

Video Games Are Helping Doctors View the Body

The popular Nintendo Wii videogame system is helping radiology students reach new levels! Faculty from Weill Cornell Medical College have coupled the motion-sensitive Wii remote with the same computers used to analyze scans, and have found that the Wii remote makes examining CT and MRI images more ergonomic, heightens the interactivity during classes, and may potentially improve the ability to interpret scans.



Homeland Security, Science And Technology Directorate, Triage, Emergency Response, EMT, Disaster Response, Trauma Response, Emergency Management, Emergency Response, Emergency Responders

Triage Technology with a Star Trek Twist


Triage technology comes with a Star Trek twist, at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T).


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Human Computer Interaction (Hci), Technology, Technological Environments, Children, Education, Developmental Psychology, Social And Moral Development, Humanoid Robots, Avatars, Social Robotics, Value Sensitive Design, Nature

It's Not Just TV Anymore: The Promises and Perils of Immersing Children in Technological Environments


Today's children are coming of age immersed in video gaming, Web browsing, and instant messaging. Many have cell phones, laptops, and hand-held video games. Others have created avatars of themselves, and some are raising robot pets in virtual worlds. What impact does this technology have on children? A new journal issue explores the promises and perils ahead for children in technological environments.



Iphone, Ioannis Pavlidis, Burn Calories, App Store, Walk N' Play, Health, Fitness, Apple Apps

Every Move You Make: Free Smart Phone App Helps You Burn Calories


What can't the iPhone do? Thanks to some researchers, it can now count how many calories you've burned. The Walk n' Play app allows players to compete in real time with another iPhone user or against a simulator as they go about their daily walking. A free download is available in Apple's App Store.



NIST, Internet, Testing, Validation, Computer Security, Networking, Interoperability

NIST Validation Program Tests Next-Generation Internet Products

NIST establishing a testing program to assure that the U.S. government purchases new computers and networking products that work properly on the next-generation Internet traffic system"”known as IPv6"”while meeting standards for federal government use.



NIST, Law Enforcement, Speed, Measurement, Radar, Ballistics, Bullets, Calibration

NIST Helping Improve Speed Measurements for Cars, Bullets

Two speed measuring devices used by the law enforcement community"”the down-the-road (DTR) radar with which officers enforce automobile speed limits and the ballistic chronograph which tracks the velocity of bullets during testing of protective equipment"”soon should be more useful tools thanks to recent research conducted at NIST.



NIST, Cloud Computing, Computer Security, Definition, Cloud Architectures, Deployment Strategies

Computer Security Team Defining the Expanding World of Cloud Computing

A working definition for cloud computing"”a new computer technique with potential for achieving significant cost savings and information technology agility"”has been released by a team of computer security experts at NIST.



Transistors, Electronic Noise, Microchips, Integrated Circuits, NIST

Engineers Discover Fundamental Flaw in Transistor Noise Theory

Chip manufacturers beware: There's a new flaw in our understanding of transistor noise, a phenomenon affecting the electronic on-off switch within computer circuits. According to NIST engineers who discovered the problem, it will soon impede the creation of more efficient, lower-powered devices like cell phones and pacemakers unless we solve it.



Coating, Rebar, Corrosion, Bridges, Infrastructure

Coating Could Strengthen Nation's Infrastructure

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed a glass-based coating for reinforcement bars that helps prevent corrosion and strengthens the bond between steel and concrete. This material could help engineers build stronger bridges and increase the longevity of other steel-reinforced structures.

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