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Precision Medicine Initiative, NIH, All of Us, Chicago

NIH’s All of Us Journey Comes to Chicago


Chicago hospitals will host the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Journey, a traveling, hands-on exhibit to raise awareness about the All of Us Research Program.



Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Data, Health Information Exchanges

Study Shows Electronic Health Information Exchanges Could Cut Billions in Medicare Spending


Research by Idris Adjerid and Corey Angst, IT professors in Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, and Julia Adler-Milstein of the University of California San Francisco shows that when Health Information Exchanges appear in regional markets, there are massive cost savings.



Opiods, Opioid Abuse Epidemic, opioid alternatives

Scientists Reveal New Insights and Possible Solutions for Opioid Epidemics Using Machine Learning

Mount Sinai researchers have identified unique structural, biological and chemical insights in the way different opioid drugs activate the receptors and specific signaling pathways responsible for the drug’s beneficial and adverse effects, according to a study to be published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.



Health, Research, Health Research, tobacco addiction, Tobacco Cessation, Minorites

WVU-Led Report Shows Smoking Has Not Flamed Out in All Populations


The number one cause of preventable death is on the decline, but not for everyone. A new report led by a West Virginia University public health expert shows that despite a drop in cigarette smoking nationwide, minority groups are at higher risk for tobacco-related diseases than others.



Antibiotic Resistance, Multidrug Resistance, Bacteria, Nursing Homes, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Healthcare Associated Infections

“Superbug” Bacteria Gang Up on US, Fueled by Antibiotic Use, Nursing Home Study Suggests

What’s worse than getting exposed to a kind of bacteria that modern antibiotics can’t kill? Getting exposed to more than one – because they may work together to cause an infection, new research suggests. It’s time to think about such bacteria as members of an antibiotic-resistant ecosystem in healthcare environments – not as single species.



Global Health, global health security, Global Health Security Agenda

Georgetown Hosts Global Health Security Expert Beth Cameron

Beth Cameron, senior director for the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Global Biological Policy and Programs, will discuss why U.S. leadership continues to be vital in advancing the Global Health Security Agenda’s mission to build a world safe from biological threats on Friday, Sept. 15 at Georgetown University,



Emergency, Preparedness, Disaster Preparedness, Public Health

AJPH Supplement Study Shows Considerable Progress in Public Health Emergency Preparedness Since September 11, 2001

In this month's release, find new embargoed research from a special AJPH supplement on public health emergency preparedness.



Checking Your Neck, Colon Cancer Screening, New Microfluidic Device, and More in the Cancer News Source

Click here to go directly to the Cancer News Source



Using Improv to Boost Confidence, Improve Mental Health


A Rutgers public health student puts his acting skills into play to help people with mental illness and substance use disorders overcome anxiety and communicate more effectively



Social and Behavioral Sciences


Segregation, housing segregation, Health, Longevity, Minorities

​Segregation’s Unexpected Link with Black Health in History

Racial housing segregation had some unexpected relationships with how long both blacks and whites lived historically in the United States, a new study suggests.

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