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Nanophotonics, 2-D materials, quantum technologies, quasiparticles

Researchers Image Quasiparticles That Could Lead to Faster Circuits, Higher Bandwidths


A research team led by Iowa State University's Zhe Fei has made the first images of half-light, half-matter quasiparticles. The discovery could be an early step to developing nanophotonic circuits that are up to 1 million times faster than current electrical circuits.



Jonathan P. Schneck, Jonathan Schneck, Nano Particles, Nanoparticles, mmunoswitch, immune, Tumor, Antibodies

"Immunoswitch" Particles May Be Key to More-Effective Cancer Immunotherapy


Scientists at Johns Hopkins have created a nanoparticle that carries two different antibodies capable of simultaneously switching off cancer cells' defensive properties while switching on a robust anticancer immune response in mice. Experiments with the tiny, double-duty "immunoswitch" found it able to dramatically slow the growth of mouse melanoma and colon cancer and even eradicate tumors in test animals, the researchers report.



Polymers, Composite Materials, Crystal, Nanoparticles, Self Assembly

Oyster Shells Inspire New Method to Make Superstrong, Flexible Polymers


Columbia Engineers developed a technique inspired by the nacre of oyster shells, a composite material that has extraordinary mechanical properties, including great strength and resilience. By changing the crystallization speed of a polymer mixed with nanoparticles, the team controlled how nanoparticles self-assemble into structures at three different length scales. This multiscale ordering can make the base material almost an order of magnitude stiffer while retaining the desired deformability and lightweight behavior of the polymeric materials.



Energy Sources, Fossil fuels, Natural Gas, Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Catalysis & energy conversion, Materials Science, Nanoscience, Mathematics, computing, & computer science, Supercomputing & high-performance computing, Synchrotron radiation , Atomic physics & surface science , Catalysis, atomic layer disposition, technologist in residence

Honeywell UOP and Argonne Seek Research Collaborations in Catalysis Under Technologist in Residence Program


Researchers at Argonne are collaborating with Honeywell UOP scientists to explore innovative energy and chemicals production.



Nanoscale, visible light, Wavelength, Photonics, Photonic And Electronic Devices, Israel, Light, Nanometrology

Sensing the Nanoscale with Visible Light

New findings show that features more than 100x smaller than the optical wavelength can still be sensed by light. This could pave the way for major new applications in sensing, including measuring nanometric defects in computer chips and photonic devices.



Transistor, Nanotechnology, spintronic, electrical and computer engineering, Computing, Graphene

Engineer Unveils New Spin on Future of Transistors with Novel Design

A researcher with the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas has designed a novel computing system made solely from carbon that might one day replace the silicon transistors that power today’s electronic devices.



Quantum Dots, Short wave infrared, SWIR quantum dots, Brain Cancer, Brain Cancer Research, Glioma, Stroke, Metabolism, Cholesterol, cholesterol absorption, tumor hypoxia, Tumor Biology

Advanced quantum dots shed bright light on biological processes

Precise fluorescent imaging at the molecular level has not been possible because of non-specific fluorescence by surrounding tissues. Now researchers have resolved many of these problems by using SWIR quantum dots in live mice to image working organs, take metabolic measurements, and track microvascular blood flow in normal brain and brain tumors



nanotechnnology, Nanomedicine, nan, Lamborghini, carbon fiber composites materials, implantable drug delivery, Implantable Device, Orthopedic Device

Houston Methodist, Automobili Lamborghini Join Forces to Study Implantable Medical Devices

Researchers from Houston Methodist and Italian super sports car maker Automobili Lamborghini are working together on new carbon fiber materials for implantable devices used in therapeutic drug delivery and orthopedics.



Fusion Energy Sciences, Fusion, scientific reports, Acta Materialia Inc., Scripta Materialia, ORNL, Nuclear Energy, Fuel Cycles, fusion reactors, Fusion reactor design, fuzz, Fuzzy, Tungsten, tungsten metal, Helium, Materials, materials analysis, Plasma, Damage, Defects in material, Defects in materials , Nanoscience, Material Science, material sciences, fusion e

Understanding Tungsten “Fuzz”


New work seeks to explain a strange phenomenon occurring in fusion reactor materials.



Vehicles, automotive engineering, Biofuels, Manufacturing, Bioenergy, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Batteries, Lithium-ion batteries , Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Materials Science, Nanoscience, Surface & interface studies

Seven Small Businesses to Collaborate with Argonne to Solve Technical Challenges


Seven small businesses have been selected to collaborate with researchers at Argonne to address technical challenges as part of DOE’s Small Business Vouchers Program.

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