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King's Speech, Academy Awards, Stuttering, Lionel Logue, King George VI

‘The King’s Speech’: Good Drama—but Accurate Science?

With the Academy Awards due to be announced on Feb. 27, a speech-language pathologist at Ithaca College can discuss the methods Lionel Logue used to treat King George VI’s stutter in “The Kings’ Speech” and compare them with ones used today.



The Methodist Hospital In Houston, Stutteri, Academy Awards

Expert in Stuttering Gives Review to Award-Worthy Movie the King’s Speech

Stuttering expert at The Methodist Hospital in Houston tells what the Academy Award-nominated film got right - and could have done better.


Pop Culture


Stuttering, Oscars, Movies

Stuttering Expert: ‘The King’s Speech’ Gets It Right

A communications sciences and disorders professor who specializes in stuttering is available to comment on the portrayal of stuttering in “The King’s Speech.” “The emotional turmoil that dealing with stuttering causes was represented just beautifully,” says Sheryl Gottwald, a fluency specialist with three decades of clinical experience.


Arts and Humanities


The King's Speech, University of Maryland, University Of Maryland, Stuttering

Stuttering and the King's Speech


University of Maryland Speech-Language Pathologist Vivian Sisskin talks about stuttering in wake of the 12 Oscar Nominations for The King's Speech.


Pop Culture


Stuttering, fluency specialist, Speech Disorder, Speech And Language Pathologists, Public Speaking

"The King's Speech" Raises Awareness About Stuttering

National fluency specialist is pleased that new movie will raise awareness about stuttering, which affects three million Americans.

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