Cornell Expert: French Diet a Proven Recipe for Weight Loss Failure

Article ID: 574827

Released: 25-Mar-2011 7:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Cornell University

Newswise — David Levitsky, professor of Nutritional Sciences and Psychology at Cornell University, comments on the rising popularity of the French protein-centric, low-fat, low-carb Dukan Diet, the focus of a new book to be published in North American next month.

Levitsky says:

“We have had plenty experience with high protein diets for weight. Eating large amounts of protein will cause rapid weight loss, but its water and not tissue. One loses weight because high protein diets inhibit appetite, at least initially.

“In the long run, 6 months or more, the rapid weight loss disappears, and weight loss is no different from a calorically restricted diet. The evidence is also clear that rapid weight loss will not produce sustained weight loss.”


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