CT. Shootings Should Focus Attention on Screening/Treating Mental Health Problems in Youth, Says Ohio State Expert

Article ID: 597360

Released: 17-Dec-2012 10:45 AM EST

Source Newsroom: Ohio State University

Expert Pitch

Berndattte Melnyk of Ohio State University has excellent background and credentials to discuss the shootings in Newtown, CT. Melnyk is dean of the College of Nursing, associate vice president for health promotion, and chief wellness officer of the university. She also is a professor of nursing and professor of psychiatry and pediatrics in the OSU College of Medicine.

Melnyk's full bio is available here:http://nursing.osu.edu/faculty-and-staff/faculty-directory/melnyk-bernadette.html

Melnyk notes that approximately one out of 4 children, teens and college youth have a mental health problem, yet less than 25% get any treatment whatsoever at all.

Melnyk says: "Let’s not wait until another tragic school shooting occurs before rapidly mobilizing action to accelerate our efforts in screening for and treating mental health problems in our children and youth. Let’s also equip our children and youth with the coping skills they need to deal with their everyday stressors and give mental health the attention it deserves so we can diminish the tremendous suffering that accompanies these disorders and create a healthy foundation for a productive adulthood."


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