Deflect a Killer Asteroid by Using Paint, Says Texas A&M Aerospace and Physics Professor

Article ID: 599497

Released: 21-Feb-2013 12:00 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Texas A&M University

Expert Pitch

Newswise — Texas A&M University aerospace and physics professor is exploring a plan to deflect a killer asteroid by using paint, and the science behind it is absolutely rock solid, so to speak, so much so that NASA is getting involved and wants to know much more.

View Expert Feature about Dave Hyland, professor of physics and astronomy and also a faculty member in the aerospace engineering department at Texas A&M and a researcher with more than 30 years of awards and notable grants.

Hyland says one possible way to avert an asteroid collision with Earth is by using a process called “tribocharging powder dispensing” – as in high pressured – and spreading a thin layer of paint on an approaching asteroid, such as the one named DA14 that came within 17,000 miles on Feb. 15.

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