Did Ravens and 49ers Do the Right Things During the Power Outage?

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Released: 4-Feb-2013 1:40 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Ithaca College

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    Gary Sforzo Professor of exercise and sport sciences

Newswise — As professor of exercise and sport science Gary Sforzo watched the Super Bowl, he noticed something he thought was out of the ordinary when the lights went out.

“I was surprised seeing players emphasizing static stretching during the Super Bowl electrical outage,” he said. “There is substantial evidence proving that static stretching impairs subsequent performance requiring a high power component (think sprinting, jumping) such as displayed on every down in a football game. Players might have been better off simply sitting on the bench though more appropriate activities could be recommended to ready them for the game once resumed. Sort of shocking that ‘all the right things’ are not done at this level of performance.”

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Gary Sforzo has published his research on resistance training technique and tempo, agility, training, and maximizing exercise programs for health and performance in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the Journal of Sports Medicine, and other peer-reviewed publications.

He holds a doctorate in the physiology of exercise from the University of Maryland.


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