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Women, Girls, Health, care, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Emergency

New Resource For Treating Women's Medical Emergencies

First care providers can now have the latest knowledge from top medical experts in the field of emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology at their fingertips. The book will help family physicians, as well as emergency medicine doctors, quickly and effectively diagnose and treat emergency gynecologic and obstetric problems.


Ultrasound, Diagnostic, Imaging, Cardiology

Media Briefing -- Ultrasound Breakthrough Allows Instant 3D Scans of Heart

The co-founders of Volumetric Medical Imaging, Inc. will conduct a media briefing to demonstrate Volumetric Sonography (tm) "” the first fundamental breakthrough in diagnostic ultrasound in more than decade.


Heart, Failure, Mechanical, Heart, Assist, Device, UCLA

UCLA Medical Center Saves Patient with Revolutionary Heart-Assist Device

A temporary heart device used by cardiac doctors at UCLA Medical Center saved a 24-year-old patient dying from heart failure. The cardiac-assist device avoided the need for an emergency heart transplant.


Benign, Brain, Tumors, Meningiomas, Experimental, Chemotherapy, UCLA

Experimental Treatment at UCLA Attempts to Combat Recurrent Benign Brain Tumors with Chemotherapy

Benign, non-cancerous brain tumors, called meningiomas, can impair brain function and even kill. So UCLA medical researchers have begun testing a new form of chemotherapy to treat them.


Exercise, Positive, Thoughts, Women, Elderly, Attitude, Health, Fitness

No sweat! Positive thoughts help exercisers stick with it

Although researchers know that half of all folks who take up exercise quit during the first six months, they have failed to ask how peopleís thoughts and feelings during workouts affect their decision to drop out.


Veterinarians, Accidents, Needlestick, Injuries, Occupational, Health

Needlestick Injuries Common in Female Veterinarians

Two out of every three female veterinarians have reported accidental needlestick wounds while they were on the job, according to a recent study.


Children, Teenagers, mood, Disorders, Depression, Psychiatry, Bipolar Disorder, Psychoeducation

Program Shows Promise for Treating Children with Mood Disorders

Researchers at Ohio State University have developed a new intervention program that shows early signs of helping children and teenagers with mood disorders.


teen, Marijuana, Dependence, Pot, Colorado, Adolescent, Trouble, drug

Troubled Teens Report Serious Problems with Marijuana Dependence

A University of Colorado study of marijuana dependence among adolescents in a university treatment program found that such youth reported serious problems in their lives related to dependence on the drug.


Job, Stability, Labor, Workers, Employment, Wages

Job Stability Is No Virtue For Young Men, New Study Finds

Young men who jump from one job to another in their early years after school don't seem to be hurting their later wages, a new national study suggests. If anything, men who stay in their first occupation or industry may earn 5 to 7 percent less than their peers.who have moved on, according to the results.


Deregulation, Electric, Utility, Consumers, Competition

Consumers Will Benefit When They Choose Their Electric Company

Within the next few years, many consumers across the country will have the opportunity to choose their electric utility just like they choose their long-distance phone service. And, for most people, that will mean lower prices, says an Ohio State University expert.

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