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Climate Change, Environment, Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctica Research, Glacier, Glacier erosion, Global Warming, Global Warming And The Environment, Global Warming Climate Change, Global Warming Research, Climate change and politics

Op Ed: Climate Change Is Evident in Antarctica

Jim McClintock, Ph.D., author of Lost Antarctica and endowed university professor of polar and marine biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, provides thoughts on the visible signs of glaciers disintegrating in real-time in Antarctica.



UAB Kidney Chain, Kidney, Kidney Transplant, kidney transplant chain, Kidney Transplant Rejection, Kidney Transplants, Kidney Tran, Histocompatibility, HLA, HLA typing, HLA antigen , Altruism, Altruistic, Altruistic Donor, Kidney Disease, Kidney Diseases, Transplant, Transplants, Transplantation, transplantation surgery, Organ Donation, Living Donor, Living Donor Kidney Transplant, Living Donor Transplant

From Transplant Lab Worker to Donor, Alabama Man Becomes Part of UAB’s World-Record Kidney Chain

Divyank Saini is one of 17 UAB employees who interpret lab samples to determine whether living - and deceased -donor transplants are possible. But Saini wanted to do more, and he did, becoming a donor in the world’s longest kidney transplant chain.



HIV-Positive Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Kidney Transplants, Kidney Transplantation, HIV, HOPE Act, HIV-Positive to HIV-Positive Transplant, Dialysis, Nephrology, Nephrologist, Organ Donation, deceased donor, HIV Deceased Donor

UAB Performs Deep South’s First HIV-Positive Kidney Transplant From HIV-Positive Deceased Donor


Mississippi man transplanted at UAB is only the eighth HIV-positive to HIV-positive transplant recipient in the United States since implementation of the HOPE Act.



Xenobiology, Xenotransplant Program, Xenotransplantation, Xenotransplant, CRISPR, CRISPR knockout, CRISP/Cas9, Kidney, Kidney Transplant, Kidney Transplant Rejection, Kidney Transplantation, Kidney Transplants, Heart Surgery

David Cooper, World Renowned Xenotransplantation Researcher, Joins UAB


Cooper will join Joseph Tector as co-director of UAB’s Xenotransplantation Program with their research geared toward using genetically modified pigs to facilitate kidney transplants in humans.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Presidential Campaign, Friendship, trump vs clinton, Political Opinion

More Than Ever, This Election Threatens to Divide Us, Says UAB Psychologist

The contentious presidential campaign is causing stress among friends who hold different opinions on the candidates. UAB's Josh Klapow sheds light on how to cope if your friend is voting for the other side.



Breast Cancer, Breast, breast health, Mammograms, Oncology, oncology imaging, Hematology, hematology and medical oncology, hematology and oncology, hematology oncology, mammogram guidelines, Carcinomas, hormone-receptor positive, hormone receptor-negative breast cancer , Chemotherapy, Breast Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Survivors, Health Advocacy, double mastectomy, Mastectomy, Mastectomies, Radiation, hormone blockers

The Five Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Doctor About Her Breast Health


An Alabama woman asked her primary care physician one question that may have saved her life — is it time for me to have a mammogram?



Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Advances, Breast Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, MammaPrint, Mammogram, Mammagraphy, Genetic Test Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing, HER2 Negative, HER2 negative lobular cancer, hormone receptor-negative breast cancer , cancer hormone therapy, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, DIEP , DIEP flap, CHEK2 Gene, Prostate Cancer, Komen For The Cure

Alabama Elementary School, Community Empowers Two Teachers Battling Breast Cancer

A fight with breast cancer has brought Odenville Elementary teachers Meg Lowry and Michelle Simmons closer as they learn the disease is “not your grandmother’s story anymore.”



zika, zika virus, Infectious Diseases

Likelihood of Widespread Zika Outbreak in United States Low


High mosquito and human population densities, combined with mosquito breeding conditions, are the central cause for Zika virus.



Zika, Pregnancy and Microcephaly: What You Need to Know

A UAB physician provides information on risks, recommendations and effects of Zika virus for pregnant women.



Blue Light, digital eyestrain, Eyestrain, Optometry, Focus, Macular Degeneration, Eye Disease, dry eye

Debunking Digital Eyestrain and Blue Light Myths


Adam Gordon, O.D., discusses blue light, including the lack of clinical evidence in advertisements overstating dangers, as well as the effects of blue light on sleep and eye discomfort.

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