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Simon, School, Announces, TEN, New, Faculty, Members

Ten New Faculty Members

Simon School announces ten new faculty appointments that enhance the school's teaching and research capabilities.



Social and Behavioral Sciences

Labor, Union, day, Working, Class, UIC, Steelworker, Bruno

Working-Class 'Myth' Debunked by New Book

A new book by University of Illinois at Chicago professor Robert Bruno disputes claims that the era of the working class is dead, and says it may even be bouncing back.


Cogen, Technologies, Robert, Mc Nair, rice, Jones

Shaping Business Leaders at Rice

Robert C. McNair, the Houston entrepreneur who built Cogen Technologies and his wife, Janice, have made one of the largest gifts ever by individuals to Rice University--$17.5 million to the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management.


Forecast, Earnings, Stock, Returns

Earnings Surprise Does Not Affect Stock Price Changes

A recent comprehensive study of analysts' forecasts and earnings reports concluded that "earnings surprise" -- the difference between forecasted and actual earnings per share for a company -- is not a major factor in stock price fluctuations.


Corporate, Health, Achievement, Safety, Programs, Glaxo, Wellcome, Sponsor

ACOEM Corporate Health Achievement Award

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has announced a call for entries for its year 2000 ACOEM Corporate Health Achievement Award competition.


No Ethical Choice

You may think you work for an ethical company, but your perceptions may be based solely on how well they treat you.


Turnover, Restaurants, Parttime, Employees, Purdue

Benefits for Fast-Food Workers Improve Bottom Line

Don't hold back on benefits for part-time employees. Restaurants typically have higher employee turnover rates than other industries, yet the Purdue study found those rates were lowest for restaurants that offered part-time workers benefits such as Christmas bonuses, incentive pay and regularly scheduled wage hikes.


E Commerce, Degree, Internet, Education, Graduate, Program, Technology, Business

Nation's First E-Commerce Program Holds Graduation

While colleges around the country announce plans for future e-commerce degrees, Marlboro College in Vermont will hold its second commencement for graduates obtaining their Master of Science in Internet Strategy Management. Another class of k-12 teachers will obtain the country's only Teaching with Internet Technologies graduate degree.


Productivity, High, Tech, Industry, Growth, Plants, Worker, Skills

High-Tech Manufacturing Plants Top in Productivity Growth

Manufacturing plants in high-tech industries register significantly faster productivity growth than plants in other industries, The Conference Board reports in a comprehensive study released today.



Social and Behavioral Sciences

Labor, day, Unions, Buy, American, Economics, Trade, Global

Is Your American Flag Made in America? Does It Matter?

American flags will fly over many a Labor Day parade next month. Ironically, many of those flags waving proudly in honor of America's workforce were manufactured, at least in part, in other countries. While "Buy American" proponents might be distressed by this situation, their concerns may be misplaced.

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