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Executive Education Update at Babson

This monthly update is designed to keep you informed about activities at the Babson School of Executive Education, which provides management development programs to companies around the world.


Workplace, team, Performance, Attitudes, Productivity

How Managers Select Work Teams Can Affect Attitudes, Performance

The methods that managers use to assign employees to workplace teams can have significant effects on worker attitudes and even performance, new research shows.


Biotechnology, Scientists, University, Economic, Impact, Science

Biotech Firms Develop Where Star Scientists Worked, Study Shows

Most biotechnology firms created during the 1980s were developed near the scientists who made the initial discoveries underlying the technology, new research shows.



Disabled, Music, Composiotion, Harmonix, Computer, Technology

Technological Innovations Work Together to Enable Severely Disabled Individuals to Compose Music Using Only Their Eyes

New Computer Technology Provides Interface Based On Eye Movement; Consumer Interactive Music Product Delivers Creative Expression


IPO, Capital, Internet, Securities, Liquidity, Online, Investment

IPOs on the Internet

You can shop, search and email on the Internet. Now you can also raise capital on-line. Constance Bagley, a senior lecturer at Stanford Business School, has co-authored a detailed article about the growth of initial public offerings on the Internet. She warns that such practices raise questions about legality and liquidity.


Marketing, Nontarget, Diversity, Advertising

When a Hit is a Miss

In an increasingly diverse population, consumers outside a company's intended target market are exposed to targeted appeals, which can sometimes get companies into trouble. Sonya Grier, an assistant professor of marketing at Stanford Business School, has examined the difficult questions raised by nontarget marketing -- appeals aimed at one group that unintentionally reach another.


Securities, Litigation, Lawsuits, Disclosure, Safeharb

Safe Harbor Law Boosts Information Flow

In 1995, Congress passed a controversial "safe harbor" law, aimed at reducing frivolous shareholder lawsuits and allowing executives to be more generous with forecasts. Critics feared the new law would license executives to predict rosy profits in order to drive up stock prices. What has happened since the law took effect? Two Stanford Business School faculty members find the new law has had a positive effect.


Regional, Economies, Inequality, rich, poor, Unemployment, Jobs, Skills

Income Inequality Grows Across America, with Earnings Gap Highest in New York

Despite strong economic growth and record low unemployment, the gap between America's richest and poorest families has sharply increased over the last 20 years, according to a Conference Board report.


Stocks, Earnings, Whispers, Forecasts, Investors, Broker, Traders, Wallstreet

'Whispers' Shouting all the Way to Wall Street

Wall Street "whispers" are speaking louder than ever to the financial community. A study of "whisper forecasts," the unofficial corporate earnings forecasts that circulate among traders and investors, concludes that the whispers tend to be more optimistic and often more accurate than traditional earnings forecasts.


Engineering, Students, Entrepreneur, Startup, Business, Enterprise

Student Entrepreneurship: It's Not Just for Business Majors Anymore

Northwestern engineering freshmen launch their own company -- and a club for other students who want to do the same.

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