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Rural, Industrial, Development, Entrepreneurs, Low Income

Reviving the Hamlets of Madison County

A grass-roots movement to revivie businesses in the depressed regions of Madison County, NY, is enjoying great success and serves as an example of what can be done in other depressed rural areas of the country to revive industries.


Deregulation, Utilities, Auctions, Utility Company

New auction rules will govern the way California consumers buy power from newly-deregulated utility companies

Stanford Business School "”Economist Robert Wilson has a knack for turning abstract theory into practical solutions. When California takes the bold step of deregulating its electric power industry in January, it will be Wilson's carefully crafted auction rules that will govern the way consumers get their power.


Simon, School, Increase, Recruitment, Activity

Simon School Reports 65% Increase in Recruitment Activity: Demand for M.B.A.s Continues to Rise

The robust economy that created 2.3 million new jobs* over the past year is sending corporate recruiters to business school campuses with a vigor that exceeds the M.B.A. frenzy of the '80s. According to the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, the continued strong demand for M.B.A. graduates lifted recruitment activity on its campus


Simon, School, Dean:, Threats, Deflation, and, Global, Overproduction, are, Nonsense, and, Global, Overproduction, are, Nonsense

Simon School Dean: Threats of Deflation and Global Overproduction are Nonsense

Charles I. Plosser, dean and John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, presented his outlook for the 1998 U.S. economy on Tuesday, December 4, 1997, at the 19th annual Economic Outlook in Rochester, N.Y. He took issue with what he called the "new gloom-and-doom mantra"--a worldwide glut in industrial capacity creating the risk of a devastating deflation.


Boards Of Directors, Influence, Interlocking Directors

Company directors who sit on other boards don't necessarily have a disproportionate influence on CEOs

Stanford Business School--Of the many voices that compete for the chief executive's ear, one key source of influence is the board of directors, whose members also often sit on other company boards. These interlocking directors have firsthand, practical experience that can sway a CEO's strategic choices. But their influence wanes in the face of competing information.


Utilities, Electricity, Deregulation, Hopkins

Deregulating electric utilities: Boon for consumers or risky shot in the dark

Electric utility customers will soon pick their power company, just as they now choose long-distance phone service. Two Johns Hopkins University researchers have studied the economic and environmental impact of utility deregulation and serve as consultants on the issue to such agencies as the World Bank and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They are available to reporters for internviews on utility deregulation.


Avon, Business, Gender, Fuller, Brush, Hagley, Sales

Avon calling: World's first 'Avon lady' was a man, UD researcher notes

The predecessor of the Avon lady was a man, notes a University of Delaware historian currently completing a doctoral dissertation titled, "Avon Ladies and Fuller Brush Men: The Gendered Construction of Door-to-Door Selling, 1886-1970." Farm boy D.H. McConnell began his career in 1877 selling books door-to-door and giving away perfume samples as part of his sales pitch, reports Katina Manko, a graduate student in the University of Delaware-Hagley Museum Program.


Innovation, Technology, Benchmarking, Internet, Tool, Management, risk, Intrapreneurship

Benchmarking Tool Helps Companies Improve Their Innovation Practices

Research Triangle Institute has developed a new Internet-based assessment tool to help companies improve how they practice technology innovation. Innovation InsightsTM quantitatively measures how well the technical staff and management: a) listen to customers, b) share ideas & know-how within the company, and c) use outside technology to leverage R&D.


Nasdaq, Stock Exchanges, Electronic Markets, Regulation

New Rules for Multimarket Trading

When you trade stock, will it be on the NASDAQ, the NYSE, or the American Stock Exchange? Will it be in New York, London, Tokyo, or perhaps Bangkok or Paris? Electronic market access has made buying and selling the same security in more than one market an increasingly widespread practice both within and across countries, raising the issue of how markets should be regulated as stocks are traded around the clock and around the globe.


Emerging Markets, Free Lunch, Global Investing

Existing data may be overestimating the benefits of investing in emerging stock markets

In the early 1990s, investors began pouring money into emerging stock markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Chile. Market watchers dubbed stocks in these burgeoning markets a "free lunch" because they offered both robust returns and a means to diversify and reduce risk in stock portfolios. These tiny emerging markets did not ride the waves of bourses in developed countries, thereby providing a hedge against drops in larger markets. But the recent dives in Asian stock markets beg the question: Is there ever really a free lunch? Finance professor Geert Bekaert thinks not"”at least not any more.

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