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Baltics, Economy, Russia, Finland, Trade, Soviet, Estonia

Baltic Economies Progress

The Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offer peace and glimmers of prosperity nearly a decade after their independence from the former Soviet Union, according to a University of Idaho geographer.


Electronics, Simulation, Models, Igb Ts, Virtual, Prototype, Economic, Benefits

Electronics Industry and Simulation Models

Society has enjoyed important benefits from mathematical models developed by National Institute of Standards and Technology that simulate the performance of electronic components called insulated-gate bipolar transistors. The payoff to U.S. industry has been estimated at $23 benefits generated for every $1 spent.


Computer, Files, Automobile, Manufacturers, Costs, Software, Incompatibility, Interoperability

Computer Files Cost Auto Manufacturers $1 Billion

In the automotive industry alone, estimates a just-released study commissioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), "interoperability problems" when sharing product and engineering data impose annual costs totaling about $1 billion.


Decision, Making, Culture, Japan, United, States, Global, Business

Cultural Differences Affect Decision-Making

A new study of Japanese and American business students found striking differences in how students from the two countries approached a decision-making task, according to the Ohio State researchers.



Pop Culture

Nike, Advertising, Logos, Culture, Sports, Athletics, Clothing

New Book Explores Nike Culture

A new book co-authored by a St. Lawrence University professor takes a look at the cultural contradictions found between advertising done by Nike and the company's actual practices.


International, Economic, Indicators, Leading, Business, Cycle, Countries, Agreement

Leading Economic Indicators for 25 Countries

The Conference Board, which produces the Leading Economic Indicators in the U.S., announced today an agreement with the Foundation for International Business and Economic Research to provide leading economic indexes for 25 countries.


CEO, Confidence, Economy, Business, Executives, Hiring, Growth, Expectations

CEO Confidence Continues to Improve

Chief executives' confidence in the nation's economy increased for the second consecutive quarter, The Conference Board reports.


Sports, Football, Basketball, Stadium, NFL, NBA

"Thumbs up" for NFL team, "down" for NBA in Louisville

Small to mid-sized major cities seeking professional sports teams should look to the National Football League instead of the National Basketball Association. Student researchers at Centre College supervised by an economist found that the NFL's profit-sharing plan helps franchises succeed in smaller markets.


TAX, IRS, Audit, Return

Chances of Being Audited by IRS Declining

Your chances of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service are down, says a Ball State University tax expert.




Finance, Boston, College, Journalists, Scholarship, MSF, Business

Scholarship for Business Journalists

Boston College Graduate School of Management' has created a tuition-free scholarship for business journalists who wish to deepen their understanding of finance.

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