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No Compensation for Canceled Flights

The bad news is 30 inches of snow has left you stranded at the airport. And there isn't any good news if you're expecting compensation for your canceled flight, says Robert M. Jarvis, professor of law at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.


Customers, Confidence, Banks, y2k

Customers Wary of Banks and Y2K

Customers' confidence in their banks to manage potential problems associated with the year 2000 computer issue is "razor thin," according to two Vanderbilt University professors who urge banks to act aggressively to counter their customers' mistrust.


Dispute, Resolution, ADR, Naedr, Conflict, Distance, Learning

Alliance to Train Mediators

An alliance between Cornell, six other universities and a handful of professional organizations proposes to use high-tech distance learning tools to educate mediators in both Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, techniques and in employment discrimination and health and safety laws.


Honor, NYSE, College, Education

Learning Workplace Ethics at College

Unethical behavior in the workplace is a fact of life today. Dishonesty is less of a problem at some colleges. Can corporations and government learn something from them? Yes, says the president of the New York Stock Exchange.


Unemployment, Joblessness, Labor, Workplace, Skills, Education, College, University

"Functional Literacy," Key to Job Success

Increasingly, it takes more than a college degree to get the best jobs. New research by a Swarthmore College economist and a University of Wisconsin colleague shows that "functional literacy" separates the most successful college-educated workers from fellow graduates who take jobs for which a high school diploma used to be sufficient.


MBA, Graduate, Finance, Dual, Degree, Joint, Degree

Boston College Creates Joint MBA/Finance Degree

Responding to the growing need for executives able to bring sophisticated financial skills to the solution of global business problems, the Boston College Graduate School of Management has created a unique joint degree combining a globally oriented MBA program with an intensive graduate finance curriculum.


EURO, Currency, Europe, Economics, Money, Hopkins

Europe's New Euro Currency: Johns Hopkins Sources

Two Johns Hopkins economists are available for comment on the Jan. 1 introduction of the euro, the European Union's new common currency.


Microsoft, Office, Software, beta, Word, Excel, Outlook, Front Page

Business School Tests New Microsoft Software

The Texas Business School will begin testing of Office 2000 beta as part of the Microsoft Office 2000 Rapid Deployment Program. Students, staff, and faculty will put the software through the paces of typical office and educaitonal working environments.


Auto Market, Autos, cars, Internet, Electronic Commerce, Car Buying

Car Buying, Changing for the Better on the Virtual Highway

Electronic commerce is rapidly changing the way cars are sold and redefining the dealer role. That's good news for consumers who are likely to enjoy lower prices and a haggle-free exchange. A joint student-faculty research effort at Stanford Business School explains how the auto industry is revolutionizing itself.


Stanford, Marketing, Academia, Corporate, Marketing Science Institute, MSI

Marketing: Negotiating a Corporate Fault Zone

Stanford Business School marketing professor David Montgomery and his colleagues at the Marketing Science Institute have developed thought-provoking ideas about the effects of marketing's changing role.

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