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FCC, Telecommunications, RBOC, ISP, Internet, Economics, Regulation, Policy

Telecom Conference Reveals Unexpected Accords

What happens when Berkeley faculty in economics, business, engineering, and information systems come together with industry leaders from regional Bell operating companies, long distance phone companies, Internet service providers, computer and cable companies, and the FCC to hash out regulatory issues? A food fight? Far from it. The first conference co-hosted by the Haas School's Center for Telecommunications and Digital Convergence and Berkeley's School of Information Management Systems ended with unexpected areas of accord in an issue that's rife with difficult questions.


Packaged, Goods, Grocery, Consumer, Marketing, Buying

Packaged Goods Industry Eating Itself Alive

The packaged goods industry's obsession with promotion and competition distracts it from engaging in survival activities and leads to higher prices for consumers, say marketing researchers Dr. Leigh McAlister from the University of Texas at Austin and Barbara E. Kahn from the University of Pennsylvania.


YEAR, 2000, y2k, Computers, Information, Technology, Systems, 1999

Year 2000 Problem May Swamp Unprepared Computers -- and Companies

The Year 2000 Problem (or Y2K), as it has been dubbed, is conservatively estimated to cost business and government $600 billion. Failure to solve it will put an estimated one to five percent of organizations out of business. And yet only 35 percent of businesses have begun to address the implications for their organizations.


Careers, Jobs, Employment

Lifetime Jobs, Careers a Thing of the Past

Being hired by a large company and working there for a lifetime is no longer a reality for today's workers, says a Purdue University career counselor.


spot, Forward, Agriculture, Markets, coal, Utilities, Electrictiy


Economists have designed an experimental market to observe how buyers behave in both forward and spot marketing systems. The project should help to gauge buyer behavior, resulting in a better understanding of how markets operate.


Simon, School, Launches, New, Health, care, Management, M.B.A.

New Health Care Management M.B.A.

While health policy is attracting attention in political circles, the rapid changes in health care financing and delivery are presenting major challenges--and opportunities--to managers in the industry. In response, the University of Rochester's William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration has launched a new M.B.A. concentration in Health Care Management.



Careers, Healthcare, Employment, Nursing, Pharmacist, Salaries, Jobs

Changing roles in health care broaden career opportunities

Job opportunities in the health care industry are growing, especially for nurses and pharmacists with advanced degrees. By the start of the next century, the number of jobs for nurses with advanced degrees will be twice the supply. "This is only one of the indications ã although it may be the most startling ã that the health care industry offers promising futures in a variety of fields," says Sandra Irvin, assistant head of student affairs in the Purdue University School of Nursing.



Food Safety, Food Regulation, FDA, USDA, Regulatory Reform, Haccp

Food Safety Needs Government-Industry Collaboration

The federal government has made substantial progress recently to improve America's food safety system by adopting a new regulatory framework that focuses on prevention and clearly defines the roles industry and government must play. But reform of the system must go further and assign responsibilities more clearly, make better use of scarce resources, and prepare for future challenges, including those posed by persistent foodborne illnesses and the globalization of the food economy, according to a new article authored by the former head of USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service. The article appears in the current Food and Drug Law Journal.



Interstate Waste Trade, Solid Waste, Landfills, Environment, Public Policy, Transportation

Effects of Restrictions on Waste Trading

As the United States Congress considers legislation that would restrict the trading of municipal solid waste (MSW) among states, researchers at Resources for the Future have found that, under certain circumstances, limits placed on the volume of MSW shipped by one state to another state may actually increase the number of interstate waste shipments as well as increase disposal costs for some regions of the country. Embargoed March 20


Bargaining, Negotiating, Management

Sharing the Burdens

Until recently, the study of negotiation was focused on splitting up "goods," or things people want, not on the distribution of "bads." In a study by Neale, Harris Sondak of Duke University, and Robin Pinkley of Southern Methodist University, takes a close look at what factors influence people's willingness to accept burdens.

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