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Food, Safety, Grant, Education, Funding, Students, Nutrition, Health

Grant to Partnership for Food Safety Education

The Food Marketing Institute Foundation announces its inaugural grant to the Partnership for Food Safety Education on Thursday, Sept. 30, at the National Press Club.


Genetics, Mechanisms, Leukemia, Biology, Pediatric, bone, Marrow, Cells

Genetic Mechanisms of Childhood Leukemia

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have uncovered a genetic underpinning associated with a deadly strain of leukemia.


Arts and Humanities

Humanities, Millenium, Philosophy, Literature, Religion, History, Postmodernism

Six International Speakers: "Humanities at the Millenium"

Six internationally recognized humanities scholars will share their expertise with Central Michigan University audiences during a year-long speaker series. "Humanities at the Millennium: Transforming Conversations" will feature experts in the fields of literature, religion, history and philosophy discussing the role of the humanities in the university as well as how those disciplines might most fruitfully interact with American culture as a whole.


Economic, Internet, Web, Research, Technology, UAB

Economist Makes Business of Web-Based Forecasting

A University of Alabama at Birmingham economist has created an Internet tool that provides quick economic forecasting from wide-ranging data to students and clients around the world. Economagic L.L.C. is a new web-based business.


mass, Spectrometry, Radiolabeled, tags, Protein, Detection

Protein Tagging en Masse

In this issue of Nature Biotechnology, University of Washington researchers have combined an existing technique, mass spectrometry, with radiolabeled tags to develop a rapid, simple, and quantitative protein detection method that could transform the measurement of protein xpression/modification within diseased, stressed, or cancerous cells.


Transgenic, Plants, Biodegradable, Plastic

Plastic from Plants

Money may not grow on trees, but one day plastic credit cards just might. In this issue of Nature Biotechnology, Monsanto Company researchers have engineered transgenic plants to produce a particularly useful biodegradable plastic.


Arts and Humanities

Midori, Violin

Violinist Midori, Pianist Robert McDonald Will Perform

Violinist Midori, who first came to public attention at age 10 when she debuted with the New York Philharmonic, and her partner-pianist Robert McDonald will perform at Colgate University on Thursday, October 7, at 8:00 pm


Arts and Humanities

Poetry, Giovanni, KING

Nikki Giovanni to Headline King celebration

Once called "the Princess of Black Poetry," Nikki Giovanni will be the featured speaker at Agnes Scott's College's Martin Luther King, Jr., convocation on Wednesday, Jan. 26.


Health, care, Benefits, Congress, Government, HMO, Gephardt

Gephardt on Republican Health Care Access Proposal

"Nine months into this session of Congress, Republicans have suddenly found religion on the issue of expanding health care coverage for uninsured Americans. This is a cynical, desperate, last-minute attempt..."


DNA, Chips, Masks, Photoreactive

DNA Chips Unmasked

Technology from the television industry could transform the cost and ease of manufacture of DNA chips for use in genetic diagnosis and gene analysis. In this issue of Nature Biotechnology, using a device consisting of 480,000 tiny mirrors, University of Wisconsin scientists have dispensed with need for the use of expensive premanufactured masks previously required for DNA synthesis.

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