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NASA, Space, Astronomy, Astronaut, Cady, Coleman

How to Become an Astronaut 101

Lt. Col. Cady Coleman talks with Science@NASA about what it's like to be an astronaut.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Violence, Occupational Therapy, Prevention, Columbine

OT Students, National Initiative Against Violence

Occupational therapy students at Boston University's Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences have begun a national initiative to raise awareness of violence in schools, violence at work, and road rage.


Petroleum, Energy, Geology, Hydrology, Geoscience, Exploration, Technologies

Energy Exploration Technologies, Savoy Field

One of the most active field research areas in the U.S., the Savoy Field Research Facility at the University of Arkansas, in the northwest corner of the state, now may be a key component to locating and producing domestic oil reserves.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Youth, Violence, Freud And Aggression, Guilt, Apathy, Prevention

Youth and Violence; Psychoanalytic Perspectives

The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis announces the Conference on Youth and Violence, a two-day event to be held in Chicago, which will address the widespread societal problem of youth violence.


Cancer, Leukemia, Sportfishing, Marlin, UCSD

Lopiccola Foundation Makes $120,000 Gift to UCSD

The Pete Lopiccola Memorial Foundation has given $120,000 to fund cancer treatment and research at the UCSD Cancer Center; the organization's gifts to treatment and research at the Cancer Center over the past decade total nearly $750,000.


Tuberculosis, Latent, Treatment, At Risk, Screening, CDC, Rifampin, Pyrazinamide

Revised Treatment and Testing for Latent TB Infection

New guidelines on the testing and treatment of persons with latent tuberculosis infection issued this month by the American Thoracic Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend several important changes from previously recommended practices.


Job, Corps, Federal, Programs, Welfare, Reform, Training, Antipoverty

Best Proof of Job Corps' Success

In the first major evaluation of Job Corps in 20 years and the biggest study of any American social program, research confirms the federal program's success in improving the prospects of disadvantaged young people, a Swarthmore College economist says.


Institutional, Individual, Investor, Equity, Corporations, Pension, Funds, Ownership

Rise of the Individual Investor

Institutional investor equity in the largest 1,000 U.S. corporations has peaked and individual investor ownership is increasing, The Conference Board reports in its Institutional Investment Report.


Antibody, Interferon, tau, Cancer, Treatment, Autoimmune

Interferon Mutant Wins Invention of the Year Award

A novel interferon tau mutant that three university women -- a researcher, a graduate student and an undergraduate student -- have developed for use in treating various debilitating conditions and deadly diseases has been named an invention of the year at the University of Maryland.


Arts and Humanities

Humor, New, Yorker, Cartoons, Magazines, NYC

New Book Examines Humor in the New Yorker

Humor in the New Yorker style -- irreverent cartoons coupled with witty punch lines -- has left a lasting mark on America's funny bone, the impact of which is explored in a new book on the magazine's early years.

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