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Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Companies, New Medicines, Food And Drug Administration, R&D

$26.4 Billion Projected for R&D in 2000

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies added 40 new treatments to the nation's medicine chest in 1999, announced the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.


Child, Health, Infant, Mortality, Survival

Racial Differences in Infant Mortality Rates

Racial disparities in infant mortality rates have increased, according to a study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Maternal and Child Health Journal, 1-00).


Neuroscience, Minority, Health, Neurological, NIH, Research, Brain, NCRR

NINDS Funds Neuroscience Programs

Five neuroscience programs at minority instutitions are being funded to prepare professionals who can assist the NIH in reducing disease disparity.



Diversity, Race, Inncer City, College

Partnership: Hamptons and Inner-City Queens

A Hamptons' college and a Queens' high school hope that their collaboration will help inner city students toward higher education.


NSF Recognizes UAB Chemistry Professor

Work on ultrathin organic polymers that will carry an electric current and generate strong light won a UAB researcher a $370,000 Career Award from the National Science Foundation.


Phytoestrogens, 3D, Ultrasound, Organ, Transplant, Brain, Surgery, Arteriovenous, Malformation

Cedars-Sinai Medical Tipsheet for 1-16-2000

1- Diet rich in beans may positively impact women's heart health; 2- Living kidney transplant; 3- Living liver transplant; 4- Mexico teen undergoes high risk brain surgery; 5- 3-D ultrasound.


Pop Culture

"Hound Dog": Top 20 Rock List

Elvis Presley sang the most historically significant rock song during the genre's first 20 years, says a Ball State University pop culture expert.


Autonomous, Robot, Searching, Meteorites, Antarctica, Manipulator, arm, Classify

Robot in Antarctica to Search for Meteorites

A robot has been deployed to Antarctica by Carnegie Mellon to search autonomously for meteorites and classify them in the field with a manipulator arm.


Organ, Transplant, Liver, Transplant, Hepatitis

Living Donor Partial Liver Transplant

One of the first completely non-related (by blood or marriage), adult-to-adult living donor liver transplants in the western U.S. was accomplished when a woman donated half her kidney to replace a diseased one.


Arthroscopic Hip Procedures Relieve Pain

Arthroscopic hip procedures can relieve virtually immediately most of the pain caused by torn cartilage, arthritis and defective hip sockets, and delay the need for major surgery for years.

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