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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Brain, men, Women, Spacial, Perception

Spacial Perception, Brains of Men and Women

A Catawba College professor has found that differences exist in the brains of men and women when they are tested on spacial perception.


Hearing, HAIR, Cells, Synaptic, Function, Cochlea, Auditory

Development and Maturation of Auditory Pathway

The function of a group of nerve fibers that originates in the brain stem and fires off signals even before newborn rats can hear has been discovered by Johns Hopkins scientists. The signals may be a process for wiring the ears and brain for hearing, much like laying down circuits on a computer chip (Science, 6-30-00).


Glaucoma, eye, Pressure, Vision, Ophthalmology

Frequent Pressure Shifts, Blindness in Glaucoma Patients

The more eye pressure fluctuates during the day, the higher the risk that a glaucoma patient will lose vision, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins and two other academic medical centers (Journal of Glaucoma).


air, Conditioning, Refrigeration, Cooling, Defrigerants, Natural, Refrigerants

Hot Developments in Cooling Research

About 800 engineers will converge on Purdue University in July for three international conferences to discuss the latest findings in air-conditioning and refrigeration research, including work to develop systems that use environmentally friendly refrigerants.


Endometriosis, Infertility, Peritoneal, Fluid, Integrins, Biomarker

Missing Uterine Proteins and Infertility in Endometriosis

Proteins missing from cells lining the wombs of women with endometriosis may help explain their infertility, according to findings from a study headed by a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scientist.


Cancer, Survivin, X Ray, Crystallography, Apoptosis, drug, Design, Mitotic, Spindle, Protein, Salk

Cancer "Survival" Structure Deciphered at Salk

Scientists at The Salk Institute have deciphered the three-dimensional structure of a molecule, appropriately named "survivin," that endows cancer cells with their pernicious ability to persevere. Their work suggests how drugs might block this molecule's activity and lead cells to commit "suicide" (Nature Structural Biology).


Malaria, Mosquito, Genetics

Fruit Fly Model, How Mosquitoes Carry Malaria

Scientists have found a way to turn a fruit fly into a surrogate mosquito, able to carry malaria and infect chickens with the deadly disease. Their approach may pave the way for better anti-malarial, transmission-blocking vaccines, and engineered mosquitoes that are resistant to malaria (Science, 6-30-00).


Appetite, mice, Weight, C75, Brain, Hunger, Food

Compound Discovered that Switches Off Mice Appetite

A compound called C75 that is capable of rapidly turning off appetite in mice and causing weight loss similar in many ways to that achieved by fasting has been produced by Johns Hopkins scientists (Science, 6-29-00).


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Solar, sail, Solar, System

Setting Sail for the Stars

A new mission, the Interstellar Probe, could carry a spacecraft beyond the edge of the solar system by 2018.


Meiosis, DNA, Replication, Yeast, Sperm, egg, Forsburg, Salk

Chromosome Copying: Unique Mechanism Identified

Before the moment of conception, living organisms experience another distinct birth -- the creation of healthy eggs and sperm. Salk scientists recently obtained a peek at how genetic material is copied during the process, called meiosis, that produces these sex cells (Nature Genetics).

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