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Call for Research into Cancer Treatment with Many Modalities

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine recently concluded "Comprehensive Cancer Care II: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies," its second national conference.


Special Crisis Response Teams to Battle HIV/AIDS

HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala announced that Detroit, Philadelphia and Miami will be the first of 11 U.S. metropolitan areas to receive special technical assistance from federal teams of experts to help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among racial and ethnic minority populations.


Danone International Prize for Nutrition

Leif Hallberg, Ph.D., M.D., of Goteborg University in Sweden, is the recipient of the second Danone International Prize for Nutrition for his lifelong research on iron and his development of the process for measuring iron absorption in the body.


Frist Bill Reauthorizes Prostate Cancer Research

Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) introduced legislation today in the U.S. Senate to reauthorize several federal prostate cancer research and prevention programs.


Meeting on Data Needs for Studies of Competition

To develop and prioritize a research agenda on competition in health care markets, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will sponsor a meeting titled, "Data Needs for Studies of Competition in Market Areas."


Medical Specialty Facility Opens in Italy

Through the largest international public/private partnership ever undertaken by a U.S. academic medical center, specialized clinical services such as liver transplantation will be available in the coming weeks to the citizens of Sicily and southern Italy.


Peering through a Hole in the Sky

A team of NASA/Marshall scientists plan to investigate an unlikely 50-year old mystery involving gravity and Foucault's Pendulum during the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999.


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New Oxygen-Sensing Application for Material

Purdue University research into computer-related technology has yielded unexpected results that could lead to better oxygen sensors for car exhaust systems and medical devices. A paper about the findings will be published June 28.



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Fission, Fusion and Fiscal Success

Industry experts say the demand for nuclear engineers has exploded over the past two years, and college students taking this career path will have jobs waiting for them when they graduate.


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Canine Epilepsy

While great strides have been made through the years in treating the human side of epilepsy, it's only recently that progress has been made in diagnosing and treating epilepsy in the animal world.

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