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Carcinogens, Toxins, Birth, Defects, Chemical, Database

Database Evaluates Molecules for Carcinogens, Toxins

A CWRU chemist's software program, a database of known toxic and carcinogenic chemical molecules, can help chemists determine within minutes whether a new chemical presents a liability for cancer, birth defects, side effects, or environmental hazards.


Atmospheric, Sciences, Climate, Environment

El Nino and Climate More Predictable

Fluctuations in the earth's climate from year to year, such as those that are associated with El Nino, are considerably more predictable than had been previously believed, according to a paper appearing in this week's issue of Science.


Arts and Humanities

art, Sculpture, Millennium, Sandys, Churchill

"Millennium Arch" Sculpture Commissioned

Artist Edwina Sandys, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill who used sections of the Berlin Wall to create a sculpture at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., will now have a second sculpture on a Missouri campus: the University of Missouri-Rolla.


Tip Sheet for 10-21-98 New Scientist


Cancer, Treatment, Castor, Beans, Ricin, Lymphoma, Microbiology, Immunology

Researchers Know Beans About Cancer Research

The once-maligned castor bean may be the next heavy hitter in cancer treatment, according to ongoing research at Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.


Shuttle, Discovery, Telescopes, Uvstar, Star Lite, Hitchhiker, Payload

9-day Observing Run with UVSTAR, STAR-LITE

The shuttle mission that will be next week's historic return to space for pioneer astronaut John Glenn will be a nine-day, non-stop observing marathon for teams of planetary scientists from The University of Arizona in Tucson.


Business, School, College, Fisher, Ohio

First Fisher College Buildings Dedicated at OSU

Ohio State's Fisher College of Business dedicated the first two buildings Oct. 20 and 21 in what will be a new six-building, $120 million complex. The new complex will help the Fisher College become one of the few fully integrated business campuses in the country.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Black, Diverse, Nation, Affirmative, Action, African, Americans, Race

Black Americans in the 21st century: How Faring?

Uneven progress of African Americans identified in a new report on race in America.


Liver, Tumor, Ultrasound, Cancer, Radiology, Ablation, heat

New Minimally Invasive Treatment of Liver Tumors

The Cancer Institute at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore has become the first hospital center in the greater Baltimore area to treat liver tumors with a minimally invasive procedure using thermal heat generated by radio waves.


Chemistry, Engineering, Environment, Industrial, Science, Technology

NSF and DOE Fund Environmental Molecular Science Institutes

The National Science Foundation together with the Department of Energy has awarded a total of $21 million over five years to establish three Environmental Molecular Science Institutes.

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