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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Verbal, Aggression, Communication, Parents, Children, Assertiveness

Moms teach kids verbal aggression, WVU communications researcher finds

A recent study, published in the Western Journal of Communication, by a West Virginia University assistant communications professor suggest that sons and daughters pattern their aggressive verbal styles after their mothers.


Heart, Dental, Bacteria, gum

First study to take bacteria from patients' mouths further supports possible link between gum and heart disease

By taking bacteria directly from patients' mouths and exposing the samples to human blood platelets, researchers at Temple University Schools of Dentistry and Medicine have further confirmed a possible link between periodontal bacteria and heart disease.


Albatross, Evolution, David, Anderson, Longline, Fishing, North, Pacific

Wake Forest Study Takes Students in Flight with the Albatross

Wake Forest University biologist David Anderson normally studies seabirds in the wild without much company, but thousands of schoolkids are tagging along this time via a Web site and e-mail. The Albatross Project is tracking Hawaiian albatrosses by satellite to find ways to reverse losses to longline fishing and answer evolutionary questions raised by their flights.


New, Executive, Education, Programs, Babson, College

Executive Education Update

This monthly electronic broadcast is designed to keep you up-to-date on happenings at the Babson School of Executive Education, a provider of management development programs to clients around the world. Last month the School delivered custom executive programs to Atlantic Data Services, Pitney Bowes, Schwan's Sales Enterprises and Siemens Nixdorf.


teen, Smoking, Public, Health, Nicotine, Tobacco, Settlement, Addiction

Current U-M Research On Tobacco And Nicotine

Researchers are examining the effects of tobacco, nicotine, the industries that support their production and the public health issues that develop from tobacco use. These programs deal with virtually every area of tobacco research, from the physiological effects of nicotine, to teen smoking, to legal and financial issues.


Earthquake, Disease, Biology, Computing

February 20, 1998 -- Tipsheet

1) Museum display sets millions a-quaking 2) Unexpected links found among acorns, gypsy moths and lyme disease 3) Knowledge and distributed intelligence initiative gets increased NSF support


Recomninant, Protein, Therapy, New, Blood, Vessels, Increase, Supply

Study is first ever to document protein therapy induces creation of new blood vessels to the human heart

For the first time, scientists have published research evidence that recombinant protein therapy can create new blood vessels to increase blood supply to the human heart. The report from German scientists appears in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.


Arts and Humanities

Movie, President, UMBC, film

UMBC President Featured in Spike Lee's 4 Little Girls

UMBC President Freeman A. Hrabowski, III will be featured in Director Spike Lee's Civil Rights documentary film, 4 Little Girls, to be broadcast nationally by the Home Box Office cable network on Monday, February 23, 1998, at 9 p.m. (est).


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Language, Native, American, Indian, Computer, Cherokee, Minority, Culture

Virginia Tech Professors Develops Method to Perpetuate Surviving Native American Languages

A Virginia Tech professor is using computer technology to help preserve and teach surviving languages and dialects of Native American culture.


Arctic, Research, Early, Cancer, Detection, Science, Fair

News about Science, Technology and Engineering at Iowa State University

February science tips from Iowa State University include: 1) Scientist will study polar climates and global climate change; 2) New tool can detect the beginning of cancer; and 3) Iowa State Science and Technology Fair is March 27-28.

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