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Pediatric, Dental

Bottled "Designer" Waters Can Cause Pediatric Dental Problems

Well-meaning parents who give their babies "designer" bottled waters to drink may be unwittingly contributing to their young children's dental problems, says a pediatric dentist, orthodontist and dental anesthesiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


Cardiac, Bacterial, Allergy, Ataxia, Epilepsy, Fitness, pain, Management, Stroke, Dental, Quality, Provider

Cedars-Sinai Medical Tip Sheet for March 1

1)Antibiotics in preventing heart attack; 2)Allergies; 3) New Ataxia/Epilepsy Gene; 4) Fitness; 5) Pain Management; 6)Parkinson's; 7)Stroke; 8)Nurse Practitioners; 9)Cedars Named Quality Leader for Providing Most Preferred Healthcare Services


Multiple, Sclerosis, University, Texas Houston, Copaxone, drug, Trial

Largest Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Drug Trial

The largest drug trial ever for multiple sclerosis will launch March 1 at The University of Texas--Houston Health Science Center. It will investigate whether COPAXONE can slow the progression of primary progressive MS.


Interleukin 2, Cancer, Vaccine, Sarcomas, Melanomas

Interleukin-2 Boosts Cancer Vaccine Effectiveness in Mice

U-M ichigan researchers present the results of experiments testing the effectiveness of the vaccine/IL-2 combination on laboratory mice with large, advanced sarcomas or breast cancers.


Medulloblastoma, Pediatric Oncology, Brain Tumor

Surgical Skill Affect Outcomes in Children with Brain Tumors

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and other medical centers nationwide have found that in treating children who have certain malignant brain tumors, a "tried-and-true" chemotherapy protocol provides better results than a newer, more experimental method.


Earthquake, Concrete, Framing, System, Building, Engineer, Seismology

New Earthquake-Resistant Concrete Framing System

University of Washington engineers are testing a new concrete framing system that enables large buildings to ride out an earthquake with minimal damage. The system employs concrete columns and beams reinforced with steel cables stretched like rubber bands which pull a building back to its original position after an earthquake.


Causalgia, pain, Physiology, cell, Molecule, Nerve

Abnormal Pain Syndrome Linked to Nerve Cell Changes

A study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has identified molecular changes in nerve cells that may play an important role in an abnormal pain syndrome -- causalgia -- which often eludes effective treatment.


Pneumococcus, Pneumococcal, Vaccine, Vaccination, Welfare, Emergency, Simulator

Vaccination Program Potentially Saves Money and Lives

A new study of an emergency department-based pneumococcal vaccination program found it resulted in considerable cost savings and decreased mortality, according to the March issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine.


Social, Welfare, Reform, net, Emergency, Triage, Simulator, Defibrillation

Emergency Department Role in an Eroding Social Safety Net

An article examines the role of the emergency department as a social safety net in an era of social reform and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports on the world's most powerful research simulator, in the March issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine.


Genetics, Hearing, Research, Knockout, mice

Knockout Mouse Reveals Genetic Mechanism in Defective Mammalian Ear Development

A control mechanism for the proper development of inner ear "hair cells" -- sensory cells that are critical for normal hearing in mammals -- involves two interacting genes in a molecular signaling pathway known to direct cell fate in many different organisms.

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