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Addiction, Tobacco, TAX, Substance, Abuse, Cigarettes, Heroin

What can economists teach addicts? Federally-backed research will tell

The hefty tax on cigarettes being debated in Congress is supported by research at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.


Heart, Calcium, Sodium, Channel, Signaling, Adrenalin, Digitalis, Cardiovascular

Medical Alchemy Could Cut Heart Failure Deaths; University of Maryland Scientists Turn Sodium Channels into Calcium Channels

Embargoed release: University of Maryland scientists transform sodium channels into calcium channels. Their findings have important implications for development of new drugs for cardiovascular, neurological and muscular diseases.


Astronomy, Astrophysics, Galaxy, Milky, Way, Hopkins, Sagittarius

Galaxy invading Milky Way; apparently contains much unseen matter

The Milky Way is being invaded by another galaxy, but don't worry: we're bigger. On the other hand, new research shows, the intruder is surprisingly sturdy. A large quantity of dark matter is apparently protecting it from being torn apart by the Milky Way's gravity.


Biotechnology, Feral, Vet, cat, Virginia, Tech, Genetics, Contraceptive

Biotech Approach to Feral Cat Problem Devised

A student at Virginia Tech has used a prestigious veterinary summer fellowship grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to develop a genetically engineered bacterium to serve as an oral contraceptive which may one day help solve a major animal overpopulation problem.


Vision, eye, REM, Dream, Opthalmology, Physiology, Cornea, Iris, Sleep

New Research Suggest REM is about Eyes not Dreams

A Columbia University researcher is "stirring" up conventional views on the function of rapid eye movement(REM) sleep. According to David Maurice, Ph.D., professor of ocular physiology in the Department of Ophthalmology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, REM sleep may have more to do with vision than with dreams.


Heart, Disease, Angioplasty, Bioengineered, Arteries, Scaffolding

Engineering Our Arteries: Replacements and Assisted Healing

To combat heart disease and problems that arise after angioplasty, the balloon procedure used to open clogged arteries, Rice bioengineer Jennifer West is developing alternatives like bioengineered arteries--including assisted healing that will stop clotting and allow healthy cells to grow.


Solar, Eclipse, SUN, Corona, Space, Weather, Magnetograph, NCAR

Scientists Seek First Glimpse of Solar Features During February 26 Solar Eclipse

Scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research and other colleagues will aim new detectors at the sun's corona during the February 26 solar eclipse, searching for structures they've never observed before. The total eclipse over the Caribbean promises to be one of the most heavily studied in recent history.


Con Bio, Biology, Environment, Education, Engineering, Web, Structural

Conservation Biology Clearinghouse; Engineering Design Tutor

1) ConBio Clearinghouse: An online educational site based at Rice called the Center for Conservation Biology Network (CCBN) offers information ranging from Native Americans' water rights to new species of orchids to university degree programs, 2) Rice researchers are creating an Engineering Design Tutor, a World Wide Web-based automated learning system


Quantum Mechanics, Transistor, Electrons, Gallium Arsenide

No longer science fiction: Sandia quantum mechanic develops very fast transistorstor

A manufacturable transistor operating under quantum mechanical laws is faster than any commecial transistor in use today. Developed at Sandia National Laboratories, the quantum transistor-jokingly called the Quantristador - has many possible uses.


bone, Cement, Facial, Reconstruction, Surgery, oral, Cranial, Hydroxyapatite

Bone Cement...The New Approach to Facial Reconstruction

Bone Cement Permits Surgeons To Restore Normal Facial Contours

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