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Energy, Environment, Research, Flood, Grand, Forks

Research Center Rebounds from 1997 Flood Disaster

A year ago, the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota was ravaged by one of the most destructive floods in United States history.


Ethics, Physician, Assisted, Suicide, Alternative, Medicine, Managed, care

ACP releases fourth edition of Ethics Manual

The American College of Physicians (ACP) today published the fourth edition of its Ethics Manual. The ACP Ethics Manual appears in the April 1, 1998, issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, published by ACP.


Ticlopidine, Thrombotic, Thrombocytopenic, Purpura, Suicide, Medicine, Ethics

Annals of Internal Medicine TipSheet from the American College of Physicians

1) Ticlopidine linked with rare blood disease, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP). 2) Internal medicine experts explore the physician-assisted suicide debate. 3) Annals editor concludes two-part series on medicine and commerce. 4) ACP issues fourth edition of ethics manual. (see separate release)


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Echocardiography, Ultrasound, Waves, Magnetic, Resonance, Imaging, Heart, Attack

Echocardiography Is Effective In Measuring Microvascular Damage From Heart Attacks

Ultrasound waves may be as effective as magnetic resonance imaging at detecting small blood vessel blockage after a heart attack, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins.


Computers, Semiconductors, Silicon, Chemistry, Delaware

UD Computer News: Lone glowing molecule points out 'potholes'

DALLAS --Like the flashing yellow sign on a road under construction, glowing molecular markers might help computer-chip makers avoid 'potholes' on super-flat blueprinting materials, a University of Delaware researcher reported today during the American Chemical Society meeting.


Glass, Materials, Engineering, Metal, Hopkins

Metallic glass: material of the future?

Say "glass" and most people think of window panes. But, under the right conditions, metal can also form glass, and it can have very useful properties for products from transformers to golf clubs. A Johns Hopkins engineer is working on new metallic glasses with superior strength, elasticity and magnetic properties.


Composites, Polymers, Materials, Delaware, Rabolt, ACS

Designing materials: `Pasta-stringing' strategy shows promise for creating enhanced polymers, UD prof says

DALLAS--The properties of materials synthesized by strongly bonding together segments of different "homopolymers"--long-chain plastics composed of a single repeating chemical unit--are significantly better than would be predicted, a University of Delaware researcher reported March 31 during the American Chemical Society meeting.


Breast, Cancer, P53, cell, Cycle, Chemotherapy

When Genes Go Bad: Scientist Uses Drug Combination to Suppress Mutant P53 Gene

Patients with mutant p53 become resistant to treatment. In fact, the proliferating cells can develop other mutations and become more and more resistant. Sayed Daoud's approach is to focus on the p53 gene itself by using a combination of drugs, one to attack the tumor itself and one to inhibit the effect of the mutated p53. When the effect of the mutated p53 is inhibited, the cell usually will, as Daoud puts it, "crash and die."


Human, Growth, Hormone, bone, Health, Youth, Elderly, Osteoporosis, DNA

Link Made Between Human Growth Hormone, Bone Quality In Mice

Laboratory mice which have been genetically altered to produce human growth hormone grow to be 25-30 percent larger than normal mice---with much of that size difference coming from bigger bones, according to researchers.


Hubble, Space, Telescope, Comet, Hyakutake, Spectrograph, Astronomy, NASA

Hubble pictures of Comet Hyakutake released.

New images of the inner coma, or gassy head, of Comet Hyakutake are now available. The computer-generated color pictures were taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in April 1996, during observations made using Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, as part of a study of water photochemistry in comets.

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