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Biosphere, Subsurface, Earth, Ocean, Drilling

More Life Beneath Earth's Surface Than Above

There may be more life beneath earth's surface than on its surface. There is little doubt that a "deep biosphere" exists, scientists say; at issue are its nature and extent. The recent, rapid growth of interest in the existence of microbial life in the seafloor and continental subsurface has created a need for information synthesis to guide development of research strategies and programs.


Tobacco, Children, State Legislation, American Lung Association, Smoking

States Protecting Children from Tobacco

Washington, D.C., March 5, 1997 -- The most comprehensive survey of current state tobacco control laws ever compiled shows that in 1996, states all across the nation moved aggressively to reduce tobacco use, particularly among children. This action came in the form of new laws, regulations and ballot initiatives. States raised their tobacco excise taxes, increased penalties for illegal sales of tobacco products to minors and sought to make tobacco companies more accountable for their actions.


Hedging, TAX, Benefits, Risk Management, Strategy

Hedging's Wide-Reaching Potential Tax Benefits

One incentive which drives firms to engage in the complex practice of hedging their investments is the potential to reap tax benefits. A new paper co-authored by a Simon School professor explores and analyzes this aspect of hedging, using a powerful new model of the corporate tax code.


Hopkins, Language, Brain, Cognitive, Rutgers

Scientists propose theory for brain's mastery of language

Human brains may be wired with a sort of universal language program, enabling infants to pick up quickly the complex and subtle patterns of their drastically different native tongues.


Poison, Awareness, Internet, Prevention, Week, Children

Poison prevention Web site for kids

U-M graduate students create the site at


Economics, Teach, Operations, Strategy, Consultants

Unorthodox Technique Utilizes Economics to Help Teach Operations

In a new paper, a Simon School operations management professor details his unorthodox use of economic principles in teaching operations strategy to his M.B.A. students.


Discretionary, Accruals, Accounting, Finance

Reseachers Offer Better Approach for Analyzing Discretionary Accruals

Discretionary accruals may offer managers a means to portray a company's true financial condition, but they can also be manipulated opportunistically to boost a manager's personal performance record. A Simon School research team offers new analysis on the issue, and cautions those who would step too quickly into the camp that cries "foul."


Software, Refinery, Gasoline, Octane, Engineering, Chemistry

Software Promises Improved Refinery Modeling

HOUSTON, TEXAS--Boosting the octane number of gasoline just got easier, thanks to new software that lets engineers and scientists build a model of the naphtha reforming process in hours, rather than months, University of Delaware researchers reported March 13 during the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) meeting. EMBARGOED: 4:00 p.m., Thursday, March 13, 1997.


Alzheimer's Disease, Stroke

Stroke May Increase Risk Of Alzheimer'S Symptoms

Small strokes may produce and intensify the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD), according to an article in this week's AD theme issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).


Alzheimer's Disease, Drugs

Drug Treatments For Alzheimer'S Disease

Using drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease (AD) can temporarily improve the cognitive ability of patients, but do not slow the progression of the disease, according to Peter J. Whitehouse, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Alzheimer's Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio.

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