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Bankruptcy, Business, Public, Corporations, 1998

Bankruptcies up for Large Public Companies

Contrary to popular perception and government statistics on corporate bankruptcies, more large public companies are filing for bankruptcy this year than in any year in history, except the "boom" years of 1990 to 1993. Data culled from a Cornell Law School professor's Bankruptcy Research Database also show that large public companies are filing for bankruptcy this year at a rate 57 percent higher than in 1997.


Evolution, Chemicals, Energy, Automobiles

Story Ideas from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

1- EVOLUTION -- A sprinkle a day, 2- CHEMICALS -- The real thing, 3- ENERGY -- A cool innovation, 4- AUTOMOBILES -- An "Audi body experience'


Arts and Humanities

Architecture, Gardens, Urban, Frank, Lloyd, Wright, Chicago, Prairie, School

Book about Wright's Last Major Chicago Work

Like a comet that blazes a trail through the night sky once in a blue moon, Frank Lloyd Wright's most ambitious and monumental creation -- Chicago's Midway Gardens -- came and went before most observers even knew what had passed before their eyes.


Utility, Electricity, Industry, Deregulation, Power, Consumer

Deregulation Ultimately Will Save Consumers Money

The only sure thing about the future of electricity in Illinois is propulsive change, according to a UI study.


Nutrition, Health, Food, White, House, Conference, Supplements, Vitamins

White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health

The 105th Congress' spending package expressed strong support for a White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health.


Infections, flu, Bacteria, Resistant, Penicillin, Syphilis, Anthrax

New Antibiotics

New, highly potent compounds that effectively treat penicillin-resistant infections have been developed by a research chemist in Southern Methodist University's Dedman College.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

War, Early Warning, Network, Iraq

Network to Predict War

International conflicts often appear as simmering disputes that suddenly erupt into full-scale war, taking the world by surprise. In reality, says a Southern Methodist University political scientist, war is at least as predictable as the economy. All it takes is listening to a countryís mass media.



Gender, Science, Education, Hands On, Classroom, Pedagogy

Girls Less Confident than Boys in Science Classes

Girls remain a step behind boys in their confidence and participation levels in science classrooms, despite a hands-on teaching approach now popular in many science classrooms, according to University of Illinois research.


Organ, Donation, Procurement, Harvard

Size of Organ Donor Pool,Target Improvement Efforts

A multi-institution study has found that the donation community has little idea how well or poorly it is doing in collecting available organs. The study's authors, however, report that analyzing five key hospital variables make it possible to generate accurate estimates of donor potential in a geographic region. The findings are reported in the November American Journal of Public Health.


LOI, Cancer, Genetics, Colon, APC, Tumor, loss, Imprinting

Hopkins Researchers Find Genetic Colon Cancer Change In Healthy Cells

Johns Hopkins scientists have found a genetic alteration associated with common forms of colon cancer in patients' normal cells. The same abnormality, called loss of imprinting (LOI), also appears, the researchers say, in a significant number of healthy people, offering a possibility of predicting as many as 40 percent of new colon cancer cases before they start.

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