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Arts and Humanities

Law, Donovan, Korn, Nuremberg, Trials, NAZI, Library, OSS, CIA

'Wild Bill' Donovan Nuremberg papers at CU

Many of the personal papers and records kept by Gen. William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan during the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals are now housed in the Cornell University Law Library, where they will be accessible to researchers, thanks to the efforts of New York lawyer and Cornell alumnus Henry Korn.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Elderly, Home, Modifications, Assistive, Devices, Drinking, Alcohol, Kutty

Elderly bath help: bars, diet, a few drinks

The elderly can largely compensate for their loss of function with grab bars and other helping devices, a good diet and, surprisingly, several drinks a day, according to Cornell University health economist Nandinee Kutty.


Gelatin, knee, pain, Joint, Athlete, Supplement, Cartilage, Arthritis

Gelatin Found to Reduce Joint Pain in Athletes

Grandma's favorite gelatin can also help keep athletes' joints healthy, according to a Ball State University study.


SUN, Solar, Power, Physics, Energy

Recreating Conditions on Sun Surface

In a small, tungsten-lined chamber in a campus laboratory, a Swarthmore College physicist and a team of undergraduates are recreating conditions found on the surface of the sun -- including temperatures near one million degrees -- to give science its first up-close look at solar flares and the heating of the sun's enigmatic corona.


Parent, Mother, Health, Children, Injury, Injuries, Home, Household

Mother's Health Factor in Predicting Children's Injuries

Mothers should also get a checkup when they take their children to the doctor, says a Ball State University researcher.


HIV, work, Vocationial, Training, AIDS, Funding

UIC Grant Aims to Help People with HIV/AIDS Resume Work, Life

The University of Illinois at Chicago department of occupational therapy has received a $729,000 grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Education to expand a pilot program to help people with HIV/AIDS return to work.


Retirement, Social, Security, Grant, Boston, College, Research, MA

BC Receives Grant to Establish National Research Center on Retirement Policy

Boston College has been selected by the Social Security Administration as one of two universities in the nation to establish a research center to help set the agenda for reform of the nation's retirement system. Boston College will receive a five-year, $5.25 million grant from the Social Security Administration to establish a retirement policy research center based at BC's Carroll School of Management.


Manages Care, Insurance, Newspaper, Media

Penn Researchers Find Negative Bias in Newspaper Coverage of Managed Care

University of Pennsylvania researchers find negative bias in newspaper coverage of managed care. Two-thirds of print articles analyzed provided a negative representation of this growing form of health insurance.


Personnel, Change, Administrative

NSF Names New Head of Polar Programs

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has named physicist Karl A. Erb to head its Office of Polar Programs. Erb will assume his new position on November 2, 1998.


Arts and Humanities

Poetry, Robert, Lowell, Literary, Magazine

Kenyon College celebrates the life and work of poet Robert Lowell

To mark its sixtieth anniversary, the Kenyon Review will recognize perhaps the most influential of America's postwar poets by hosting a "Celebration of Robert Lowell" November 6 and 7. The event takes place sixty years after Lowell left Harvard to attend Kenyon College, where he studied under John Crowe Ransom, who, in the winter of 1938, published the first issue of the Review.

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