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Human, Growth, Hormone, bone, Health, Youth, Elderly, Osteoporosis, DNA

Link Made Between Human Growth Hormone, Bone Quality In Mice

Laboratory mice which have been genetically altered to produce human growth hormone grow to be 25-30 percent larger than normal mice---with much of that size difference coming from bigger bones, according to researchers.


Hubble, Space, Telescope, Comet, Hyakutake, Spectrograph, Astronomy, NASA

Hubble pictures of Comet Hyakutake released.

New images of the inner coma, or gassy head, of Comet Hyakutake are now available. The computer-generated color pictures were taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in April 1996, during observations made using Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, as part of a study of water photochemistry in comets.


Salmonella, Songbird, Birds, Bacteria, Disease, Ornithology, Veterinary, Medicine

Songbird salmonella tracked by Cornell

Until laboratory tests identify sources of a bacterial disease killing songbirds in the East and Midwest, Cornell University scientists say people who feed birds should not blame themselves for the recent outbreak of salmonellosis in redpolls and other flocking species.


Internal, Medicine, Workshops, Sessions, Managed, care, end, LIFE

American College of Physicians' Annual Session April 2 to 5, 1998

5,000 doctors of internal medicine (internists) will attend the American College of Physicians' (ACP) 1998 Annual Session, the nation's largest gathering of adult health specialists. Faculty are internal medicine's best and brightest. Full complement of experts in end of life care.


Arts and Humanities

Medieval, Architecture, Robert, Calkins

Medieval architecture book uses CD-ROM

Cornell art history expert Robert G. Calkins' book covers Medieval architecture using text, photographs and a CD-ROM.


Icing, Airplane, Superconductors

To Prevent Ice Buildup, Charge It

A Dartmouth physicist who has taken a molecular approach to the problem of icing has discovered that applying a small electric voltage across an ice-metal interface can break the bond between ice and metal surfaces.



Education, Science, Fiction, STAR, TREK, Psychology, Neurology

Using science fiction to teach science - Researchers explore the human brain through Star Trek

Drawing examples from popular culture to explain clinical disorders, two Vanderbilt researchers are using anecdotes from Star Trek movies and episodes to explain the neurological and psychological bases of emotions, perception, aggression, memory and sex.


Heart, Transplant, Donor, Undersized, UNOS, Failure, LOW, Weight

Temple Researchers Expand the Number of Heart Transplant Donors

Findings of a multi-year heart transplantation study indicate that the heart donor pool can be expanded through the use of undersized hearts. The donor pool for heart transplants could be increased by at least 25%. The use of undersized donor hearts can help to alleviate a shortage of donor organs and save lives.


Ticlopidine, SIDE, Effect, Stroke, Cardiac, Stents

Aspirin Substitute May Cause Potentially Fatal Platelet Disorder

Ticlopidine, a drug that acts like aspirin and is widely used to prevent stroke as well as blood clot formation following placement of cardiac stents, can cause thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare but potentially deadly circulatory disease.


Paralysis, Neurophysiology, Electrical, Stimulation, Delaware, Physical, Therapy

Motivating muscles: New UD study might help people with paralysis 'stay strong longer'

People who have suffered paralyzing injuries sometimes can regain limited control of their muscles, thanks to electrical stimulation techniques now under development, but pulse patterns should be varied to help patients stay strong longer, University of Delaware researchers report in the new Journal of Neurophysiology.

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