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Cornell, Peace, Corps, Degree, Masters, International, Agriculture

Cornell-Peace Corps cooperative degree

Cornell University and the U.S. Peace Corps will sign a Memorandum of Cooperation later this month, to mark the establishment of a new option at Cornell -- a three-year master's of professional studies degree in agriculture with a Peace Corps service option.


Cancer, Prevention, Lycopene, Nutraceuticals, Rio, Red, Grapefruit

Large Amounts of Cancer-fighting chemical found in Texas grapefruit

Eating red pulp from Rio Red grapefruit may help prevent prostate, breast and cervix cancers. Parts of Texas A&M University -- the Citrus Center in Weslaco and the Institute of Biosciences and Technology in Houston -- are studying why the chemical compound lycopene is so high.


pain, Surgery, Anesthesia, Analgesia, Recovery

Penn Researchers Strike Post-Surgical Pain Before it Starts with Preemptive Medication

Reducing post-operative pain can be as easy as taking pain medication before surgery. Dr. Allan Gottschalk and his colleagues have found that administering preemptive analgesia in patients prior to surgery decreases pain afterward. Their findings could potentially change the standard of care for some surgical patients.


Blocked, Blood, Vessels, NECK, Stents, Carotid, Endarterectomy

Use of stents for blocked neck vessels may be viable alternative for those at high risk of complications from carotid endarterectomy

DALLAS, April 7 -- Patients at high risk of complications from a surgical procedure which clears blocked blood vessels in the neck were found to be at lower risk of complications when treated with an alternative procedure to prevent stroke.


Progestins, Women, Heart, Attack, Prevention, Circulation, Uterine, Cancer

Adding progestins may negate heart protection from estrogen replacement therapy

DALLAS, April 7 -- Adding progestins to estrogen replacement therapy may weaken some of its beneficial effects in helping women prevent heart attacks, according to a study reported in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.


Circulation, Public, Access, Defibrillation, Sudden, Heart, Stoppages

Increased public access to defibrillation could prove potentially cost-effective and life-saving

DALLAS, April 7 -- When the heart stops, help is needed immediately. But in many states, legislative barriers that restrict the use of medical devices to re-start the heart may inadvertently lead to thousands of deaths each year, according to a "special report" in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.


Enlarged, Heart, Hypertension, High, Blood, Pressure

Enlarged Hearts and Mild Hypertension A Potentially Deadly Combination

The combination of an enlarged heart and delays in the heart's electrical activity can be life threatening for people with borderline or mild high blood pressure, but the problem can be corrected with high blood pressure medications, according to a landmark study published in the American Journal of Hypertension.


Egypt, Astronomy, Ancient, Nomads, Anthropology, cows, Wendorf

Scientists Find Evidence of Earliest Astronomical Monuments

Scientists from Southern Methodist University and the University of Colorado have found stone monuments in the Sahara Desert that may represent the earliest known efforts to mark astronomical events.


Dinosaurs, Symposium, Natural, Sciences, Mesozoic, Paleontology

Paleontologists to Gather At Dinofest--Symposium

The Academy of Natural Sciences Hosts Paleontological Symposium--Paleontologists from around the world will assemble at the Philadelphia Civic Center from April 17 through April 19 to explore the world of the Mesozoic at the Dinofest Symposium, a component of Dinofest, "The World's Fair of Dinosaurs."


Melanoma, Cancer, eye, Metastasis, Liver, Pathology

University of Iowa researchers propose a model to explain the spread of an eye cancer

Scientists don't know exactly how cancer spreads throughout the body or why some forms of the disease distribute to specific organs, but research conducted at the University of Iowa sheds new light on the mysteries of metastasis.

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