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Medicine, Biology, Ecology

Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Announced

Initial awards have been announced to fund 12 research projects under the new Ecology of Infectious Diseases initiative. The joint NIH-NSF initiative supports efforts to understand the underlying ecological and biological mechanisms that govern relationships between human-induced environmental changes and the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases.


Ergonomic, Haptic, Posture, Human Machine, Interfact

Purdue Engineers Develop a Chair with Sense

Purdue University engineers will present findings this month about a "sensing chair" that can determine a person's sitting posture, research that could lead to numerous applications, from computer-security systems to the design of more comfortable furniture.


Ballast, Water, Transfer, Microorganisms, V.Cholerae, Invasive, Species

Transfer of Microorganism Facilitated by Ballast Water

Ballast water discharges by ocean-going ships "create a long-distance dispersal mechanism for human pathogens, and may be important in the worldwide distribution of microorganisms as well as the epidemiology of waterborne diseases affecting plants and animals." (Nature, 11-2-00)


Ecosystems, Fragmentation, Prairie, Ecology, Biocomplexity, Agriculture, CORN

Perturbed Ecosystems Subject of Grant

The University of Minnesota has received a $2.97M grant from the National Science Foundation to study ecosystems that have experienced massive perturbations, primarily on account of humans.


mad, meat, Europa, Global, Warming

Tipsheet from New Scientist 10-31-00


Lunar, Leonids, 2000, Meteoroids

Trick or Treat: It's Toutatis!

NASA scientists are monitoring a large near-Earth asteroid that tumbled past our planet on the morning of Halloween 2000.


Waste, Swine, HOGS, Lagoon, Environment, Livestock, Pollution, Water

Environmentally Safe Hog Waste Disposal Methods

Researchers at NC State University are taking the lead role in developing new technologies that will enable hog farms to protect environmental quality while providing jobs and agricultural income for North Carolina and other hog-producing states.


Education, Science&Math, k-12

American Indian Tribal College Projects

The National Science Foundation has made 13 new awards totaling some $13 million to improve science, mathematics and technology education in K-12 schools on tribal reservations in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Washington.


Chemistry, Ecology

Scientists To Examine Environment At the Molecular Level

The National Science Foundation has awarded $19M over five years to scientists seeking to distinguish, at the molecular level, between natural and human-caused environmental processes.


Robots, Hopping, Grasshoppers, Mobility, Darpa

Sandia Hoppers Leapfrog Wisdom About Robot Mobility

A hopping machine inspired by the clumsy jumping of grasshoppers may soon give robots unprecedented mobility for exploring other planets, gathering war-fighting intelligence, and assisting police during standoffs or surveillance operations.

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