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TNT, LAND, Mines, Toxic, Energetic, Materials

TNT Detection Goal

Around the world, unexploded land mines--some dating from World War I--continue to threaten the lives of innocent men, women and children. New technology being developed at Mississippi State University is designed to help alleviate the problem.


Virual, Vector, Dystrophin, Immune, Response, Muscular, Dystrophy

Viral Vector Delivers Dystophin Gene to Mouse Muscle

University of Michigan scientists have developed a new generation of "gutted" viral vectors that deliver the gene for dystrophin to the muscles of adult mice with muscular dystrophy without triggering their immune systems.


Greenhouse, Chemistry, Stratosphere, Formation, Earth, Evolution, Lawrence

Thiemens Receives DOE's Lawrence Award

The scientific achievements of chemist Mark H. Thiemens of the University of California, San Diego have contributed much to current thinking on environmental science, the solar system and the Earth's formation and evolution.


Glenn, Space, Shuttle, Astronauts, NASA

Is the Glenn Mission Real Science or Public Relations?

Questions about John Glenn's fitness for space flight were raised in the late '80s, when there was renewed possibility of flying Members of Congress. The U.S. flew Sen. Jake Garn and Rep. Bill Nelson. None of these individuals flew to advance science, but rather to advance programmatic and public policy goals. Glenn's flight exists for these latter reasons, not for science.


Biochemistry, Evolution, Heart, Antarctica, fish, Protein, Marine

Icefish Study Yields Clues about the Heart

Recent results from a University of Maine research team with expertise in fish biology, genetics and protein chemistry are shedding light on the evolution of life in the world's coldest ocean. The findings are beginning to answer questions about how Antarctic icefish have evolved to thrive in an extreme environment despite genetic mutations which would probably doom them elsewhere.


Tip Sheet from 10-28-98 New Scientist


Waves, Water, Surfing, Geographic, Hawaii, Delaware, MAUI

Wave Expert Tackles Maui's Monster Curls

Off the coast of Maui, an underwater ridge acts like a "giant magnifying lens," bending and enlarging Pacific Ocean storm swells to soup up monster surfing waves as high as 70 feet, according to University of Delaware research linked this month to a National Geographic web site.


Solar, Corona, Research, Discovery, Shuttle, SUN, NCAR, HAO

Space Shuttle Flies Solar Instrument

The space shuttle Discovery, scheduled for takeoff Thursday, October 29, is carrying a white light coronograph, an instrument for studying the sun's corona, developed at the High Altitude Observatory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.


Geological, Sciences, Seismology, Earth, core

Scientists Propose Layered Model of Earth's Inner Core

Earth's inner core is not a uniform iron crystal, but is instead composed of two distinct layers, according to researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).


Antarctica, Insect, Geology, Ecosystems, Extinction

Tiny Bug Holds Clues to Massive Extinction

The mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs was small compared to the one that happened 250 million years ago, and a Vanderbilt researcher has discovered clues to what may have caused the earlier extinction. She says that a small burrowing insect that lived in Antarctica survived that worldwide extinction and can provide clues to its cause.

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