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NASA, Rainforest, Deforestation, Global, Change, Ecology

New Amazon Rainforest Field Research Facility Opens

A field research facility in the Amazon rainforest sponsored by NASA and the Brazilian government will be completed this month as part of an experiment to study the region's impact on global change and develop information for sustainable resource management.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Geomagnetic, Storm, Gas, Clouds

Coming Soon: Better Solar Storm Warnings

Scientists have created a model that reliably forecasts the arrival of a geomagnetic storm.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, MARS, Water, Red, Planet

Images Reveal Signs of Recent Water Flow on Mars

Scientists using data from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft have observed features that suggest current sources of liquid water at or near the surface of the red planet.


Fiber, Optic, Detector, Plastic, Fiber, Optolynx

Fiber Optic Start-Up Speeds Up Internet

Using patented technology developed at Purdue University, a Midwestern, high-tech venture is manufacturing a new kind of high-performance fiber optic detector that will allow for increased speed and capacity on the Internet.


Purdue, Genetics, Crops, Biotechnology, Environment

Double Crops, Cut Acreage by 2010

Plant corn or soybeans in March, harvest in July. Plant another crop, harvest in November. What to most farmers would sound like pure foolishness could become a reality within a decade, according to a Purdue University plant scientist.


Environment, Phytoremediation, Petroleum, Pollution, Purdue, Plants, Bioremediation

Cleaning Up Petroleum Spills with Plants

The use of plants to help clean up soil contaminated with petroleum products has been pioneered by a husband and wife research team at Purdue University.


pork, Purdue, Swine, Vaccine, Pollution, Bacon, Ultraviolet

Purdue University Pork Research News Tips

1- Ultraviolet light reduces harmful bacteria on pork; 2- Computer model lowers swine feed costs; 3- National setback guidelines based on Purdue measures of manure odor; 4- Purdue low-cost feed decreases pollutants and manure odor; 5- Purdue researchers hoping to improve quality of bacon.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Asteroids, Asteroid, 433, Eros

Asteroids Have Seasons, Too

Millions of miles from our planet, southern winter is giving way to spring on asteroid 433 Eros.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Sagittarius, Interstellar, Cloud, Sugar

Discovering Sugar in Interstellar Cloud

Scientists have discovered a molecular cousin to table sugar in a giant interstellar cloud known as Sagittarius B2.


Salmon, Experts, Endangered Species, Government Agencies, fish, Pacific Northwest

Sea Grant News Media Salmon Guide Available on Web

The National Sea Grant College Program Media Relations Office has made available on-line, in a print downloadable format (PDF), its 70-page "Sea Grant's Guide to Salmon Issues in the Pacific Northwest."

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