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Laser Assisted, Machining, Advanced, Ceramics

Laser-Assisted Machining, Ceramic Parts Less Costly

An innovative technique for machining brittle ceramic materials by first softening them with heat from a laser may cut in half the cost of making components for a growing U.S. market (Abrasives Magazine, 4-00).


cell, Phone, Wireless, Roaming, Disconnections

Preventing Disconnection for Cell Phone Users

Roaming cell phone users are often cut off, sometimes while driving even short distances; Purdue engineers have devised a method to prevent those annoying disconnections (Wireless Networks, 12-99).


Testing, Brake, Commerical, Trucks, Safer

NTRC Brake Test Facility: Safer Highways

A first-of-its-kind facility for testing brakes of commercial trucks could help put a screeching halt to hundreds of accidents caused by mechanical failures.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Weather, Satellite, Image

Space Weather Satellite Blasts Off

NASA's newest space weather satellite soared into space on a Delta II rocket this weekend.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Solar, Flare, SUN

Here Comes the Sun?

On March 25, 2000, a solar flare erupted near the center of the Sun's disk.


Cockroach, Birth, Control, Genetics, Hormones, Pesticide

Cockroach Birth Control from Gene Discovery

Cornell University entomologists have identified and cloned five key genes of the cockroach, one of which is exclusively expressed in the reproductive system, the first step in developing a safe and specific birth control for the number-one household pest.


Materials, Science, Drugs, Polymers, Silicates, Nanocomposites, PVA

Nanostructures for Drug Delivery

By using inorganic polymer fillers at close to the molecular level and inducing molecules of the polymer to slide between silicate layers, Cornell University materials engineers have produced a polyvinylalcohol nanocomposite that holds promise as an injectable drug delivery system.


Chemlab, Portable, Chemcial, Analysis

Fully Integrated Lab-on-a-Chip Development

A powerful new portable chemical analysis device that fits in the palm of a hand is being developed by Sandia National Laboratories and will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.


Smell, Standard, Anosmia, Anosmic, nose, Olfactory

Creating a Standard Spectrum of Smell

While some people have a heightened sense of smell, some people suffer anosmia; by standardizing the spectrum of smell, Cornell University food chemists can learn whose nose knows aromas.


NASA, Space, Astronomy, Image, Satellite, Magnetosphere

IMAGE Satellite, Understanding of Earth's Magnetosphere

NASA's IMAGE satellite will revolutionize our understanding of Earth's magnetosphere.

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