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Energy, Fusion, Environment, Physics, Nanostructures, Electronics, Information

Story ideas from Oak Ridge National Laboratory



Nino, Ocean, Weather, Patterns

University of New Mexico Professor Researches El Nino

Warm Pacific Ocean tempreratures in winter may lead to decreased summer rainfall in New Mexico. That's the message University of New Mexico Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor David Gutzler delivered to members of the American Meteorological Society at their 78th Annual Meeting earlier this month in Phoenix.




Mathematics, Science, Intelligence, Asian, Academic, Performance, Achievement, GAP

Sources Of Asian Academic Achievement Found

Which is the most important factor influencing student performance in mathematics: A good teacher? Innate intelligence? Home environment? Studying hard? They're all important, of course. But differences in how Asians and Americans answer this question help to explain the U.S. disadvantage in math and science achievement.


Pfiesteria, Jo Ann, Burkholder, Politics, Environmental, Policy, Ethics, Aaas

Pfiesteria: A Case Study of When Politics and Science Clash

When politics and science clash, science -- and ultimately society -- are the losers. So says Dr. JoAnn Burkholder, a North Carolina State University aquatic ecologist whose pioneering research on the fish-killing toxic marine microorganism, Pfiesteria piscicida, was one of 1997's top science stories and also fodder for one of the year's most contentious public debates about the role science should play in shaping environmental policy.


NASA, Grant, Environmental, Information Systems

UNH Institute Receives $3M From NASA for Web-Based Environmental Info System

A $3M NASA grant to the University of New Hampshire will fund an Earth Observing System Web-based System for Terrestrial Environmental Research, EOS-WEBSTER. This will mean making data available not only to the broader research community, but also to government agencies, schools and others outside the research community.


Piano, Purdue, Physics, Music, Algorithms, Synthesizer

Tickling the Ivories Goes High-Tech at Purdue

A Purdue University physicist is developing computer algorithms that may hold the key to making electronic synthesizers reproduce the sound of music more realistically.


Science, Policy, Nomination

Statements by Neal Lane and Dr. Richard Zare on President Clinton's Intent to Nominate Dr. Rita R. Colwell as Director, National Science Foundation

President Clinton's selection of Dr. Rita Colwell as the next Director of the National Science Foundation is an outstanding choice. Her record of accomplishment speaks for itself. She is an internationally -recognized researcher, an admired educator, and she has consistently stepped forward as a leader in science and technology policy. She is an ideal choice to lead NSF into the 21st Century.


Science, Policy, Nomination

Statements by Dr. Neal Lane and Dr. Richard Zare on President Clinton's Intent to Nominate Dr. Lane as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy

I welcome the opportunity to help lead the President's science and technology team. This is an exciting and demanding time for science and engineering. America's science agenda has moved rapidly beyond narrow Cold War concerns. Scientists and engineers are now challenged to address a broad range of critical social, economic, environment and health needs.



Social and Behavioral Sciences

DNA, Probability, Juror, Behavior, Prosecution, Defense

Conviction or Acquittal? An Attorney's Presentation of DNA evidence may make the difference

Depending on how an attorney describes DNA evidence at a trial, jurors will believe the evidence is either irrefutable or unpersuasive, finds Dr. Jonathan J. Koehler, consultant for the defense in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, and a professor of behavioral decision making at the University of Texas at Austin.


Genetics, Fruit, fly, Complex, Traits, Gender, Environment, Aaas

Study Yields New Clues on Genetics of Lifespan, Other Complex Traits

Most people think there's little they could learn from a fruit fly. But Dr. Trudy Mackay knows better. In her research laboratory at North Carolina State University, Mackay studies the genetic basis of complex traits in fruit flies, with the aim of applying that knowledge to better understanding human genetics

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