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Birds, Ornithology, Feeder Watch, Project, Cornell, University

Project Feederwatch Top 10 Birds in backyards

The most frequently seen birds at feeders across North America last winter were the Dark-eyed Junco, House Finch and American goldfinch, according to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which released its Project FeederWatch Top 10 Birds List. Project FeederWatchers also reported large numbers of downy woodpeckers, blue jays, mourning doves, black-capped chickadees, house sparrows, northern cardinals and european starlings.


Mediation, Aamft, Conflict

Researchers To Present Results of Mediation Study at AAMFT Conference

Results from the first two years of a four-year study on skillful mediation will be presented at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy conference Sept. 18-21 in Atlanta. "The crux of this research is to define what is skillful mediation," according to Margaret Herrman, a senior associate at the University of Georgia Vinson Institute of Government. "You can have mediation that's close to therapy and you can have mediation that's close to lawyering. Both styles can be highly successful, but is it mediation? We want to identify skillful practices that are common throughout mediation styles."


PIER, Pilings, Recycled, Plastic, Glass, San, Diego

San Diego Unified Port District Approves UC San Diego Demonstration

Thanks to clean-up and pollution prevention efforts, San Diego Bay is cleaner and attracting more marine life. Among the increasing population are borer worms that dine on the wooden pilings and fenders that support many of the piers along the Bay. One solution may be a new design created at UC San Diego and approved by the San Diego Unified Port District : pilings are made from molded hollow tubes of advanced composite materials including glass fiber and vinyl ester resin.


First, Computer, SEM, lab, Tissue, Regeneration, Nuclear, Inspection

News about Science, Technology and Engineering at Iowa State University

Science tips from Iowa State: 1) Unveiling of authentic working replica of the first computer on Oct. 8, 2) SEM lab hits the road for high school students, 3) Research projects focus on tissue regeneration, 4) Automating nuclear plant inspections.


Science, Writing, Award

Top Chemistry Reporting Award goes to National Public Radio Correspondent

"You shouldn't wear lipstick when you're drinking a glass of champagne." That unique reporting style of Joe Palca, science correspondent for National Public Radio, has earned him the top chemistry reporting award from the world's largest scientific society.


Therapy, Postmodern

Professor Explores the 'Talk of Therapy'

Athens, GA-- What's occurring at the "micro-level" of a therapy session is the subject of research by a professor at the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences. He uses discourse analysis -- a process that breaks down a conversation into the finest of detail.


Therapy, Counseling

Training Program Turns Tables on Therapists: Clients Offer Insight on Therapists' Skills

Athens, GA--A program developed by a College of Family and Consumer Sciences professor at the University of Georgia allows counseling clients to "turn the tables" on their therapists. "By directly obtaining feedback from clients about their experience of the therapy events and the therapist's actions, the therapist and supervisor are better able to focus their energy on helping the client," said Bill Quinn, a FACS professor.


Juveniles, Crime, First Offenders

Recidivism Rates Drop 21 Percent for Juveniles in Family Solutions Project

Athens, GA--A program that combines first-time juvenile offenders, their parents and siblings with counselors has shown a 21 percent decrease in recidivism rates when compared with juveniles who didn't complete the program.


Gamma, Ray, Fireball, Astronomy, Radio, Observatory, Array

Radio Observations Provide New Clues to Nature of Gamma Ray Fireball

A team of astronomers using a pair of National Science Foundation (NSF) radio telescopes has made the first measurements of the size and expansion of a mysterious, intense "fireball" resulting from a cosmic gamma ray burst last May.


Purdue, Agriculture, Alfalfa, Leafhopper

Hard Times Ahead For Potato Leafhopper

Uncommon numbers of potato leaf hoppers have caused widespread damage to alfalfa and other crops in New England, but for alfalfa growers, at least, thereπs a chance to duck the diminutive insect next year.

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