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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Engineering, Workforce, Women, Minorities, Careers, Technology, Education, Science

Engineering Remains a "Stealth Profession"

Amid growing concerns that not enough Americans are pursuing technical careers, a new Harris Poll survey released today shows that the U.S. public feels uninformed about the engineering enterprise and betrays a startling lack of knowledge about engineers' involvement in key areas of American endeavor.


Mining, Tailings, Microbes, LAKE, Sediment, Toxic, Metals

New Microbes At Work on Mine Tailings in Lake Coeur D'Alene

Certain naturally-occurring bacteria living in the floor of Lake Coeur d'Alene may be helping to prevent the release of contaminants such as lead and zinc into lake waters, according to a University of Idaho scientist.


Nasa's, Lunar, Prospector, Mission, Water, Amounts, Compositional, Maps

New Analysis From Lunar Prospector Published

Refined calculations of lunar water amounts and unique lunar compositional maps appeared today in the journal Science as part of the first publications of detailed analyses of data returned from NASA's Lunar Prospector mission.


David, Bowie, Bell, Labs, Internet, Full View, Panoramic, Camera

Bell Labs 360-Degree Panoramic Webcam and Internet Users

Bell Labs, the R&D arm of Lucent Technologies, is bringing 360 degrees of David Bowie into full view on the Internet. Users of BowieNet (, the rock star's new Internet service, will be able to experience intimate live-action views of Bowie thanks to FullView(TM), a 360-degree panoramic Webcam designed by Bell Labs.


Chaos, Polls, Voting, Mathematician, Elections, Political, Decision-Making

Chaos at the Polls: Group Decisions Can Be Impossible to Predict

For severals years, some political scientists and othrs have argued that group decisions such as elections are impossible to anticipate--even if the preferences of the voters are well established and the decision-making rules are set.


Geothermal, Volcanic, Calderas, core, Drilling, Geophysical, Magma

Clues about Volcanic Hazards and Energy Potential of Deep Magma

Drilling at the Long Valley Exploratory Well near Mammoth Lakes, Calif., may provide new clues about local volcanic hazards and the role of underground magma in the energy future of California. The drilling operations are being led by a team from Sandia National Laboratories.


Antarctic, ice, Sheet, Conference, U Maine, Siple, DOME

International Conference on West Antarctic Ice Sheet at UMaine

The University of Maine will host 120 of the world's experts on one of the keys to the global climate puzzle in a conference Sept. 13-18. The meeting will focus on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet behavior with an eye on the chance that it might break apart if global temperatures rise.


Mental, Retardation, Brain, Genetics, MALE, MRX, Chromosome, Harvard

Gene Mutation Found for Common Form of Mental Retardation

A gene mutation responsible for a form of mental retardation affecting one in 600 males has been located on the X chromosome, report Harvard Medical School researchers in the September Nature Genetics. The identification of the defect of the PAK-3 gene may shed insight on brain development.


Bacterial, Genomics, Genetics, Conserved, Essential, Redundancy

Bacterial Genomics: Down to the Essentials

A long-held belief in biology has been that genes conserved between species are likely to be critical for life. In this issue of Nature Biotechnology, researchers report direct experimental tests that suggest that only a small fraction of genes conserved between species are in fact essential.


Antisense, Therapeutics, Galanin, pain, Receptor, PNA

Painless PNA Therapeutics

Getting antisense therapeutics into disease tissues can be a pain in the neck. A new approach using cellular transporter peptides linked to peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) may provide a solution, researchers report in Nature Biotechnology.

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