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Compost, Food, Waste, Restaurant, Greenhouse

Testing restaurant compost for greenhouses

Out of the doggie bags and into the compost piles, restaurant food scraps could boost community gardens under glass if a waste-reduction plan by Cornell University student environmentalists takes root.


Fenton, Environment, Toxicology, Waste, Contaminants, Pesticides, Cleanup

Water treatment cleans pesticides on-site

A new Cornell University invention can clean up pesticide and textile waste water on site efficiently and inexpensively using the Fenton reaction without some of the problems of current technologies, says Cornell doctoral student, David Saltmiras, and professor Ann Lemley, at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting


BEEF, meat, Quality, Safety, E Coli, Cattle

Beef Researchers Probe Quality and Safety Issues

Animal scientists at Texas Tech University are exploring methods that could produce beef at higher standards of quality and consistency. They also are investigating techniques to make beef products safer for consumers.


Sensors, Acoustic, Electronics, Lab On A Chip

Sandia's tiny acoustic wave sensors will detect minute traces of dangerous chemicals

Minute acoustic wave chemical sensors being developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories will in the next two years be part of a hand-held chemical detection system, commonly called "chem lab on a chip," and other integrated microsensor systems.



Social and Behavioral Sciences

Insects, Mothers, Parenting, Semelparous, Spring, Delaware

A Mother's Love? Why good insect moms risk death to save their only children

Good insect moms ferociously protect their young by fanning their wings and charging predators--but only when they must pin all their hopes on a single batch of eggs, a University of Delaware scientist reports in the new issue of the journal, Animal Behaviour. Bug moms who lay multiple batches are far more likely to "turn tail and run" from egg-munching predators, says Douglas W. Tallamy.


Sheep, Goats, Weeds, Control, Grazing, Rangeland

Sheep, goats can help wage war on weeds

While Idaho and other state and federal agencies launch aggressive programs to combat weeds, rangeland scientists suggest sheep and goats offer a kinder, gentler weapon to supplement herbicides and other control methods.


High, Energy, Cosmic, rays, Pierre, Auger, Argentina

Argentina site preparations begin for high-energy cosmic ray survey

Scientists will need two detectors the size of Rhode Island to track down the mysterious source of rare but extremely powerful high-energy cosmic rays that periodically bombard Earth. These giant detectors will be part of the new Pierre Auger Observatory.


Gamma, Ray, Bursts, Astronomy, NASA

Autopsy of a cosmic explosion

Determining what happens during a gamma-ray burst reads like a detective story. Scientists are hot on the trail of unraveling the mystery, using telescopes that are far more complex than Sherlock Holmes' simple magnifying glass.


Environment, Prehistoric, Georgia, Southeast, Climate, Weather, Geology, Geography

UGA Research Finds Southeast Was Probably Warmer, Wetter 5,000 Years Ago

Until recently, some scientists suggested that the Middle Holocene period in the Southeast was marked by a warm, dry climate somewhat like that of the Upper Midwest. Recent studies by a University of Georgia geographer and his graduate students, however, have found that the climate was, in fact, warm and wet.


Physics, Fluid, Turbulence, flow, Convection

Flaw Found in Current Turbulence Theory

Modifications may be needed to current theories describing the character of turbulence -- with applications in understanding atmospheric airflow, oceanic currents and even the the fluidity of metals inside the Earth's core or of gases within the stars above.

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