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Adoption, Cornell, Sealed, Records, Parents, Sociology

Adoptive parents favor opening sealed records

Parents of adopted children in New York are overwhelmingly in favor of laws that allow adult adoptees access to information in their birth certificates about their birth parents, according to a new Cornell University study.


Watershed, New, YORK, city, Hudson, River, Cornell

Upstate New Yorkers open to NYC watershed deal

The resentment public officials feared would prevent a watershed agreement between New York City and municipalities along the Hudson River watershed was not very deep, a Cornell University study has found.


Geophysics, Geology, Materials, Science, Minerals, Inner, Earth

Major Changes in Mineral Chemistry and Properties at High Pressures Seen

Changes in the magnetic structure of minerals at high pressures might have significant implications for the structure and evolution of the Earth, and may have a significant impact on the planetís magnetic field.


Navigation, Satellite, Technology, Mapping, Positioning

Merger of U.S. and Russian Satellite GPS

A satellite-based positioning system used by hikers, farmers, pilots and scientists could double in size if Alfred Leick, University of Maine professor of spatial information science and engineering, can solve a problem stemming from the Cold War.


Oceans, Plankton, Nitrogen, Carbon, Cycling, Warming

Rates Of Ocean Nitrogen Uptake May Be Underestimated

ATHENS, Ga. -- The Southern Ocean -- that vast expanse of water that surrounds the frozen continent of Antarctica -- has been reluctant to give up it wealth of scientific secrets. But new information gathered from a voyage to the bottom of the world could have a major impact on how scientists view the role oceans play in the global carbon and nitrogen cycle. Dr. Deborah Bronk, a biological oceanographer from the University of Georgia, undertook a six-week voyage to the Southern Ocean and to Antarctica's Ross Sea.


Manufacturing, Dies, Molds, Ceramic, Metal, Powder, Prototype

New Manufacturing Boosts Performance, Lowers Costs

A researcher in Michigan Technological University's Institute of Materials Processing has developed a new manufacturing approach that combines casting, forging, powder metallurgy, bonding, and coating in one process to produce high performance components at lower cost for a variety of industries.


Education, Rainforests, Technology, Societal, Impacts

Jungles of Borneo: Science CD-Rom for Children

Students are becoming ëscientific consultantsí to the Indonesian government, working together to help track down rare plants that may hold a cure for cancer or discover why a vital cash crop is refusing to produce fruit.


Sexual, Behavior, Cornstalks, Paper, Retina, Nanotubes, Migrants, Thermostat

NC State News Tips

A roundup of NC State University research, teaching and outreach activities. For use by the media as briefs or as background for stories. Stories include: From Fish, Come Clues on Sexual Behavior; Paper From Cornstalks; Better Housing for Migrant Workers; Nanotubes May Pave Way for Space Elevator; Edible Film Fights Food-Borne Disease; and more.


Aircraft, U.S., Navy, Super, Hornet, Strike, Fighter, F/A 18, E/F

Scale-Model Test Plane May Help Save Lives, Money

Testing a new aircraft can be costly and risk. But a new scale-model, remote-piloted test plane developed at NC State University with funding from the U.S. Navy may help reduce those risks and costs by letting researchers identify potential problems before they occur in manned flights. The test plane, a 17.5 percent scale version of the U.S. Navy's newly updated F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet strike fighter, was developed by a team of NC State researchers led by Drs. Charles Hall and John Perkins.


Bacteria, Global, Atmosphere, Antarctica, Biology

January 28, 1997 Tipsheet

Scientists are rethinking what they know about bacteria: it turns out that the organisms tell time. Scientists affiliated with the NSFís H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Long-Term Ecological Research site in Oregon may have found part of the answer for how deforestation affects global carbon cycles. A Memorandum of Agreement between the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Defense (DOD) designates the Air National Guard to provide air logistics support to the U.S. Antarctic Program, which is run by NSF.

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