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Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera For Surveys, Quasar Mc2 1635+119, Star Shells, Galaxy Collisions, Galaxy Mergers

Hubble Spies Shells of Sparkling Stars Around Quasar

What has appeared as a mild-mannered elliptical galaxy in previous studies is revealing its wild side in new images taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble photos show shells of stars around a bright quasar, known as MC2 1635+119, which dominates the center of the galaxy. The shells' presence indicates a titanic clash with another galaxy in the relatively recent past.


Super Heavy, Atomic, Nuclei, rare, Isotope, Superconducting, Accelerator, Cyclotron, Nuclear, Physics, Chemistry

Three First-ever Isotopes Created at NSCL

Researchers at Michigan State University's National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, NSCL, have created three never-before-observed isotopes of magnesium and aluminum. The results stake out new territory on the nuclear landscape and suggest that additional super-heavy aluminum nuclei might exist.



Supernova, X Ray, Chandra, Oxygen, Exploded Star

Stellar Forensics with Striking New Image from Chandra

A spectacular new image shows how complex a star's afterlife can be. By studying the details of this image made from a long observation by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers can better understand how some stars die and disperse elements like oxygen into the next generation of stars and planets.


Intestinal, Transplant, Bowels, Intestines, University, Virginia, Health, System, Transplants

New Mom Is Recipient of UVa's First Intestinal Transplant

Courtney and Bill Wagner were newlyweds expecting their first child when their lives began veering in a direction they never anticipated. Courtney lost weight, became severely dehydrated and could no longer tolerate solid food. Physicians at two hospitals were alarmed by her deteriorating condition but unable to determine what was wrong.


Naresh Dalal, Dalal, Crystal, Mystery, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Jorge Lasave, Sergio Koval, Ricardo Migoni

The Solution to a Seven-Decade Mystery Is Crystal-Clear to Chemist

A Florida State University researcher has helped solve a scientific mystery that stumped chemists for nearly seven decades. In so doing, his team's findings may lead to the development of more-powerful computer memories and lasers.


Arts and Humanities


Plumly, English, POET, Maryland, Nature, Old, Heart, National, Book, Award, Foundation

An Audio Conversation With... Maryland English Prof. Stanley Plumly

The University of Maryland's Distinguished University Professor of English Stanley Plumly talks about the art of writing poetry, his nomination as a National Book Award finalist and more!



Black Hole, Massive, X Ray, Chandra, Gemini

Heaviest Stellar Black Hole Discovered in Nearby Galaxy

Astronomers have located an exceptionally massive black hole in orbit around a huge companion star. By combining data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Gemini telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, M33 X-7 was determined to be the most massive stellar black hole known. This result has intriguing implications for the evolution and ultimate fate of massive stars.


Revenue, Sharing, MLB, Baseball, World, Series, Yankees, National, League, American, League, Marketing, CRM, Baseball, fan

Major League Baseball: Sharing Revenue, Not Success

Major League Baseball implemented revenue sharing to create incentives for ball clubs to build their teams and build their fan base. It's ended up having the opposite effect. Small market teams may find money from revenue sharing more profitable than what they earn from winning a game.


Jerry Wekezer, Wekezer, Engineering, Minibus, Paratransit Buses, Florida Department Of Transit

Engineering Lab Helping Ensure Safety of Florida's Minibuses

Paratransit buses, or the smaller buses, are a fairly common sight on the roads of most American communities. Public transit and social service agencies, among others, often use the 16- to 20-seat vehicles to provide access to public transportation for people with disabilities in support of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Arts and Humanities

Opera, Composers, Student, Innovation, Comedy, CD, Thomas Pasatieri, Hotel Casablanca

From Golden Gate to the Bluegrass State

Students get real world experiences in opera as the University of Kentucky teams up with San Francisco Opera to premiere Thomas Pasatieri's new comedic opera "The Hotel Casablanca."

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