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Accolate, Asthma, ATS, ALA, Treatment, Therapy, Leukotriene, Corticosteroids

Adding Accolate to Asthma Therapy Is Beneficial

New results show that for patients who remain symptomatic despite treatment of low doses of inhaled corticosteroids, the addition of Accolate, a product of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, may provide benefits versus increasing steroid therapy.


HIV, AIDS, Human, Immunodeficiency, Virus, Blood, Acquired, Immune, Deficiency, Syndrome

"Silent" HIV Infection Lasts a Lifetime

In 1995, researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) evades anti-viral drugs by hiding in the immune system, infecting certain white blood cells, called T cells, and then going to sleep, or turning off.


Brain, stem, Cells

Adult Brain Stem Cells Multiply In Vitro

Brain stem cells recovered from living adult human tissue have successfully reproduced in vitro, University of Tennessee-Memphis health science center researchers report in a special April issue of Experimental Neurology.


Nighttime, Asthma, Children, School, Attendance

Nighttime Asthma Squeezes School Attendance

Children suffering nighttime asthma attacks, which can be as severe as daytime attacks, miss school and cause parents to miss work, and may also perform more poorly in school, says a study by Hopkins asthma researcher Gregory Diette, M.D., presented at the American Thoracic Society annual meeting today.


Biosciences, Chemistry, Nutrition, Cholesterol Canada

New Insights About "Good Cholesterol"

New research gives a clearer understanding of how so-called "good cholesterol" helps prevent heart disease and may one day lead to treatments, according to Canadian chemists. The scientists say they have determined that a particular enzyme bound to the "good" high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, acts as a powerful antioxidant within blood vessels.


AIDS, Vaccine, Immune, T Cell, HIV, Virus, DNA, Immunization

Vaccine Protects Monkeys from HIV

AIDS researchers at Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center have created a DNA vaccine that protects monkeys against a formidable challenge HIV virus.


High Altitude, Hikers, Hiking, Altitude Sickness, Colorado, Rocky, Mountains

Survey: High-Altitude Hikers Unprepared for Conditions

Many people embark on high-altitude backpacking or hiking trips without the knowledge and equipment they may need in the event of common wilderness-related illness or injury, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.


Parkinson's, Fetal, cell, Transplant

Fetal Brain Cell Transplants Benefit Some Patients with Parkinson's

In the first double-blind, placebo-controlled surgical trial testing the safety and effectiveness of fetal dopamine cell implantation for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, many patients who received the implants showed growth of the new brain cells and improvement in their symptoms.


Colorblindness, Neitz, test, Color, Vision, Genetics, test

Color Vision Screening Test Confirmed With Genetic Testing

A rapid new pen and paper screening test for color blindness has been proven accurate and effective in a field study of over 5,000 local elementary school children, thanks to follow-up genetic testing. The Neitz Test of Color Vision, which a teacher without special training can give to an entire classroom in ten minutes.


Prostate, Cancer, Genetics, Environmental, Pollutants, FAST, Spreading, Tumors

Do Environmental Pollutants Make Cancers More Aggressive?

Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin have identified several genes that are more active in fast-spreading prostate cancer cells than they are in less aggressive, slower-growing tumors. Drs. Paul Lindholm and Andre Balla also found that some of these aggressive genes are "turned on" by environmental pollutants.

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