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Apoptosis, Programmed, cell, Death, Brain, Trauma, Brain, Injury, head, Injury

New Insights on Sequence of Cell Death After Brain Injury: Understanding Cellular Events After Brain Trauma Could Lead to Better Therapies

How the brain responds to injury -- in terms of the cellular cascade that leads to cell death -- is poorly understood. Looking at a particular pattern of cell death called apoptosis, or programmed cell death, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have discovered that in a rat model this kind of deleterious cellular destruction continues for weeks after the initial trauma.


Blood, Pressure, Hemoglobine, Substitutes

New Blood Substitute Prototypes Engineered Without Blood Pressure Effect

For most people in an emergency room, having blood available--and disease-free--is of utmost concern. To guard against shortages and potential disease transmission, blood substitutes are being developed to deliver oxygen to the brain and heart.


Fetus, Surgery, Ethics, Medicine, Pregnancy, Women, Health, Abortion

New Book Raises Ethical Questions About Experimental Fetal Surgery

Fetal surgery is being heralded by many as the latest medical miracle, but a new book raises disturbing questions about the safety of fetal surgery and the risks it poses to both mother and fetus.


Trigeminal, Neuralgia, Facial, pain, Treatment, Surgery

Relief for Sufferers of Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Pain)

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Skull Base Institute is successfully treating Trigeminal Neuralgia, universally considered the most painful affliction known to adults. Two patients and the director of the Skull Base Institute are available for interviews.


Nutrition, Vitamins, Supplements

U.K. Ices Vitamin B6 Decision

The United Kingdom's plans for restrictive limits on vitamin B6 have been iced. Nick Brown, the U.K.'s new Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, announced today that the proposed legislative limit of 10 milligrams (mg) of vitamin B6 in dietary supplements has been deferred pending consideration of the whole vitamin safety issue by a new Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals.


Terrorism, Chemical, Biological

Annals of Emergency Medicine Examines Medical Response Preparations for Chemical and Biological Terrorism and Presents New Studies on Pain Management, TB, and HIV

Recommendations for responding to chemical and biological terrorism and new studies on pain management, tuberculosis, and HIV transmission are presented in the August issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine, reflecting the broad spectrum of issues that relate to emergency medicine.


skin, Dermatologists, Primary, care, Preventive

Dermatologists Should Provide Primary Care for Skin Disease

Though many managed care systems steer patients with skin problems to primary care doctors on the supposition that they will get comprehensive care as well, a new Wake Forest study indicates patients with skin problems get no more comprehensive care than they would from dermatologists, but they would miss the dermatologist's special expertise in treating skin conditions.


Vitamin, Supplements, Vitamin, Natural, Antioxidants, Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Heart, Disease

Jean Carper Stresses Value of Natural Vitamin E, Other Supplements

Many health food store retailers and consumers are not aware of the significant differences between natural and synthetic supplements, despite mounting evidence showing the benefits of natural products, according to noted journalist and author Jean Carper.


Zebrafish, Development, bone, Morphogenetic, Protein, Dorsoventral, Patterning

New Zebrafish Mutants Afford Deeper Look Into Embryonic Patterning

Developmental biologists all over the world are earnestly studying 2,000 new mutants of zebrafish -- and adding new ones to the list -- to determine what role they play in complex biochemical pathways. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have identified new mutants important in the first steps that control the dorsoventral -- back to abdomen -- arrangement of embryonic tissues, a process called patterning.


Pharmacists, Blood, Pressure, Hypertension

Can Pharmacists Help Patients Keep Blood Pressure In Check

In the study, which is being directed by researchers Stephanie Taylor, Eddie Boyd and Leslie Shimp of the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, two Detroit independent pharmacies are offering extra services to hypertension patients enrolled in the project.

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