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Weather, Migraines, Chinook, Winds

Weather Can Trigger Migraines

Canadian Chinook winds, warm westerly winds specific to Alberta, can trigger migraines in some people, says a study in the Jan. 25 Neurology.


Families, risk, Alzheimer's Disease

Large Families: Risk of Alzheimer's

Children in large families may have a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease than children from smaller families, according to a study in the Jan. 25 Neurology.


Genetics, Therapy, Bypass, Surgery, Bristol, Heart, Institute, Re Blockage

Gene Therapy to Help Bypass Surgeries

A gene therapy that packs a one-two punch may lead to treatments designed to keep arteries from re-blocking following bypass surgery, British researchers reported today in Circulation (1-24-00).


Transplant, Internet, www, Surgery

TransWeb Organ Transplant Information Site

The nonprofit TransWeb organ transplant information site marks half a decade of providing up-to-date and accurate information on transplants.


Structural Biology, Virology, Polio, Crystallography, Virus

Glimpse of Polio Virus as It Enters Cell

A team from Harvard Medical School and other institutions has produced the first 3-D structures of the poliovirus in the moments after it attaches to and enters a host cell (Journal of Virology, 2-00).


Poison, Antidote

Poison Rx Low in South

Most Alabama hospital pharmacies do not stock an adequate supply of the agents necessary to treat poisonings, says UAB and Children's Hospital pharmacists in the Dec. 1999 Southern Medical Journal.


Lactose, Health, milk, Purdue, Nutrition

Lactose Intolerant? Get Milk

A Purdue specialist on lactose intolerance says that consuming milk can help people recondition their digestive systems to accept dairy foods without discomfort.


Dentistry, gum, Disease, Floss

Preventing Gum Disease

If toothbrushes can do everything these days -- bend, flex, and fit like a glove -- how do you know which one is right for you?


Sealants, Estrogen, Bacteria, BPA, Bisphenol

Estrogen Concerns in Dental Sealants

Concerns about dental sealants leaching an estrogen-like chemical - bisphenol A - may be unfounded, according to a study in the Jan. 2000 Journal of the American Dental Association.


Children, oral, Health, Disparities, Nhanes

Improving Oral Health for Children

Fewer children have untreated tooth decay in their primary teeth, according to an analysis of national survey data in the Jan. issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association.

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