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Multiple, Sclerosis, Cladribine, White, Blood, cell

Cladribine Lowers White Blood Cell Counts in MS

Cladribine, a chemotherapy drug, drastically lowered counts of a kind of white blood cell (known as a lymphocyte) in patients with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, according to a study presented during the American Academy of Neurology's 49th Annual Meeting April 12-19 in Boston. EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE UNTIL 7:30 AM, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1997


Prescribing, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental, Illness, Medication

GAO Condemns DoD "Prescribing Psychologists"

An independent Government Accounting Office report condemning the Department of Defense program to train psychologists to prescribe medication reinforces the American Psychiatric Association's long-standing opposition to the program.


Creatine, Exercise, Fitness, Obesity, Athletes, Health, Aerobic, Kinesiology

Exercising Longer

Two LSU professors have helped find a way for individuals to be able to exercise for longer periods of time, according to a study released today (April 9) at the Experimental Biology '97 conference in New Orleans.


Immunization, Vaccination, Polio, Measles, Childhood, Infant, Hotline

National Immunization Information Hotline

People with questions about vaccinations can now call the National Immunization Information Hotline, a new toll-free service providing information about vaccine-preventable diseases and immunizations to protect against them. Hotline callers are preparing for increased calls during National Infant Immunization Week, April 20-26.


Heart, Attack, fish, Nutrition, Fatal, Myocardial, Infarction

Fish Eating Men Lower Risk for Fatal Heart Attack

A new look at a famous Chicago study on nutrition and heart disease further documents that men who ate a moderate amount of fish had a lower risk for dying of a heart attack than men who did not eat fish. Embargoed: 4/9/97


Parkinson's, Neurology, Nerve, Regeneration

Potential Parkinson'S Disease Cure

Parkinson's disease may be reversible if a drug that has worked in animal tests is as successful in humans.


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Surgery, Hypothermia, Anesthesia, Coronary, Disease, body, Temperature

Warming Surgery Patients Reduces Fatal Heart Risks

Keeping surgery patients warm is a simple and inexpensive way to significantly reduce the risk of heart complications, the leading cause of post-operative death, a Johns Hopkins study suggests.


Stroke, Heart, Attack, risk

Stroke Risk after Heart Attack within Five Days

The chance of having a stroke after a heart attack is highest within five days of the attack, thus reducing a personís short-term and long-term survival, Swedish scientists report today in the current issue of the American Heart Association journal Stroke. Embargoed: Monday, April 7, 1997 4 p.m. EST


key, Nutrients, Early, LIFE, Influence, Blood, Pressure

Key Nutrients in Young Affect Blood Pressure Later

Key nutrients in the diet during infancy and adolescence--especially sodium, calcium, fiber and fat--have an early impact on blood pressure and could influence whether high blood pressure develops later in life, two new reports suggest.


skin, Dermatology, Aging, SUN

Skin Appearance and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

Low concentrations of the popular skin care ingredients called alpha-hydroxy acids appear to be modestly effective in reducing symptoms of skin aging brought on by sun exposure and other environmental factors.

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