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Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Respond to Taxotere

The addition of Taxotere (docetaxel) to the combination of AdriamycinÆ (doxorobicin) and CytoxanÆ (cyclophosphamide) is an effective and safe first-line therapy for women with metastatic breast cancer, according to a study presented at the 21st Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.


PATH, Audit, University, Hospital, Uchsc, Cu Hsc

CU-Health Sciences Center Compliant With PATH Audit

The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General announced this week that it would close the Physicians at Teaching Hospitals (PATH) audit of University Physicians, Inc. with no findings of Medicare fraud, abuse or billing misrepresentation.


Arthritis, Lupus, Anemia, Cyclophosphamide, stem, Cells, Immune, Marrow

New Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center used high doses of the chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide alone to control previously untreatable forms of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and hemolytic anemia.


Genetics, Therapy, Muscular, Dystrophy, Geriatrics, Gerontology

Gene Therapy Keeps Muscles Strong in Old Age

A new gene therapy treatment could reverse the feebleness associated with old age, fully restoring the muscular strength of youth, or counter the muscle-wasting effects of some muscular dystrophies, according to University of Pennsylvania Medical Center researchers.


Maspin, Tumor, Suppressor, Genetics, Inhibitor, Cancer, Research

How Maspin Gene Suppresses Breast Cancer

A University of Iowa study is providing new insight into how the tumor suppressor gene maspin (mammary serine protease inhibitor) works.


Allergy, Asthma, Christmas, Trees, Vaccine, Immunotherapy, dust, mite

'Tis the Season to Sneeze, Sniffle and Itch - Allergists Can Help Holiday Allergy Sufferers

Are you allergic to Christmas? Thousands of Americans are allergic to the oil or sap of Christmas trees, and evergreen wreaths and garlands. For relief, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recommend allergy vaccinations. A "Rush" vaccination can work in time for the holidays.


Microbiology, Urinary Tract, Pharmaceuticals

Receptor May Increase Risk of Urinary Tract Infections

A newly discovered chemical compound on the surface of some women's kidney cells may explain susceptibility to urinary tract infections, according to current research in the journal Biochemistry. The structure, a specific type of compound known as a glycosphingolipid, is suspected to be on urogenital tract cells in about 30% of all men and women and binds strongly to E. coli bacteria.


Purdue, Tea, Greentea, Cancer, Health, Medicine, Nutrition, EGCG

Researchers discover how green tea may prevent cancer

Green tea, long associated with good health, has new scientific evidence to back its claim. Purdue University researchers have identified how an active compound found in green tea works to slow and prevent the growth of cancer cells.


gay, Lesbian, Health, 2010, Satcher, Doctors, Federal, Nation

Gay Docs Excluded from Federal Health Plan

Outraged at the exclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered health issues in an 800-page federal health plan, the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association has announced a plan of action to demand inclusion.


Human, Genomes, Eukaryotic, Organims, Nematode, worm, Yeast

Worm, Yeast Genes; Clues to Human Gene Function

For the first time, scientists have compared the entire genomes of two primitive organisms in the same evolutionary pathway that leads to plants and animals. The comparison lends strong support to assumptions that the genes of "model organisms" such as yeast, worm and fruit fly will reliably predict the function of newly discovered human genes.

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