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Ebola, Virus, Glycoprotein, Immune, Response

Researchers Take Major Step Toward Cracking Ebola Code

Researchers are gaining valuable insight into how Ebola uses glycoproteins to wreak its deadly havoc. Results from this study provide insight into the strategies that Ebola virus uses to evade detection and point to potential antiviral targets. The new findings may also have far-reaching benefits for fighting other illnesses.


Cardiovascular, Disease, Epidemic, Developing, Countries, Global, Economy

Cardiovascular disease epidemic threatens developing countries, global economy

Developing nations, including China and India, face an epidemic of heart disease and stroke that could devastate their economies, researchers report in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.


Dental, Hygiene, Bacteria, Heart, Attacks

Good Dental Hygiene may Prevent Heart Attacks, U of Minnesota Study Finds

Bacteria found in dental plaque near diseased gums can induce clumping of blood platelets, a University of Minnesota study has found. Such clumping is an early step in the formation of blood clots, the precipitating event in heart attacks. While previous reports have linked bacterial infections to the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque in coronary arteries, the researchers believe this to be the first evidence linking bacteria to the event that directly causes most heart attacks.


Chlamydia, Improving, Health, care, Systems, HIV, Alendronate, Osteoporosis

February 15, 1998 Annals of Internal Medicine Tipsheet from the American College of Physicians

1) Screening for chlamydia is cost effective versus no screening and subsequent treatment of the disease. 2) Annals of Internal Medicine Launches New Series to help physicians lead the charge to redesign health care. 3) Treatment options, counseling, followup and survelliance skills need to be employed by physicians and other health care workers with individuals that have recently been exposed to HIV via sexual relations. 4) Alendronate, a bisphosphonate, has been shown to prevent bone loss in women without osteoporosis.


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Chlamydia, Women, Sexually, Transmitted, Disease

Women Younger Than 30 Need To Be Screened For Chlamydia

Inexpensive screening of all sexually active young women under 30 for Chlamydia trachomatis infection would vastly reduce infertility and the costly medical complications of this sexually transmitted disease, according to results of a Johns Hopkins study.


Cardiovascular, risk, Factor, Intervention, High, Blood, Pressure

Cardiovascular Deaths are Reduced Through Risk Factor Intervention

Lives are saved when older men with high blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors, such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes or smoking, follow risk factor intervention programs and change their life style.


Saturated, Fat, Cholesterol, Genetics, Inheritance, Atherosclerosis, risk

Genes Influence Damage from a High-Fat Diet

While you can control how much saturated fat and cholesterol you eat in foods, you can't yet control whether your genetic inheritance will turn these fats against you or will confer some protection from them.


Blood, Leukemia, Transfusion, Platelets, Leukocytes, NIH, Filtration, Alloimmunization

New England Journal of Medicine Published Study Shows Blood Filters Significantly Reduce Incidence of Alloimmunization and Resistance to Platelet Transfusion

The results of a study funded by the NIH to avoid rejection to platelet transfusion, found that leukocyte (white blood cell) reduction of platelet components by filtration significantly reduced the incidence of refractoriness.


Psychiatry, Mental, Illness, Medicine, Psychotherapy, Marijuana, Genocide

Policy Update from the American Psychiatric Association

Position statements, guidelines, and action papers adopted as official APA policy include: 1) Importance of using self-help to ameliorate treatment, 2) Compassion and an open door to new research on medical efficacy of marijuana, 3) Physicians also deserve rights to privacy, 4) APA provides guidance on tough child custody issues...(more)


Breast, Reconstruction, Tissue, Expanders, Breast, Cancer, Women, Medical

Breast Reconstruction Using Tissue "Expanders" Improves Results for Breast Cancer Survivors

Women considering breast reconstruction following mastectomies for breast cancer expressed strong satisfaction with a novel approach in surgery, reports a researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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