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Elderly, Falling, Injury, Neurological, Disorder, Peripheral, Neuropathy

Falling May Be Linked To Neurological Disorder In Elderly

Nearly one in three people over age 65 and not living in a nursing home fall each year---and those falls often result in serious injury and significant cost. Now, through a series of studies, researchers have documented a strong link between falling and a neurological disorder called peripheral neuropathy.


Johns, Hopkins, Malaria, Medicine, Plamodium, Malariae, Vinetz

Three-Day Treatment Cures Decades-Old Case of Malaria

A Johns Hopkins physician has discovered that a 74-year-old woman originally diagnosed with a blood cell cancer actually had a very mild case of malaria that lasted for as many as 70 years. Once he nailed down the cause of her symptoms, he cured her within three days.


Number, Americans, Afflicted, With, Stroke

Study finds incidence of stroke over 40 percent higher than previously stated figures

The number of Americans afflicted with a stroke each year is estimated to be about 500,000 -- but that number is too low, according to a report in today's Stroke: A Journal of the American Heart Association.


Ischemic, Stroke, Variation, Treatment, Professional, Education

Bench-mark project finds wide variance in levels of care for acute ischemic stroke among academic medical centers

While medical professionals may understand how and why a stroke happens, researchers say the wide variation in treatment of stroke patients shows that much professional education is needed to ensure they receive the most up-to-date care.


Acute, Stroke, Teams, Lower, Cost, Solution

Survey finds acute stroke teams gaining prevalence

There may be a lower cost solution to fighting stroke that doesn't involve new equipment or new therapies. Researchers say the formation of an acute stroke team (AST), comprised of stroke-savvy health professionals, can streamline stroke care in major medical centers.


Telecommunications, Equipment, Reduce, time, Clot Blusting, Treatment

"BAT"mobile attempts to speed response time to stroke patients

By using high-tech telecommunications equipment, researchers hope to reduce the time it takes to determine whether an individual having a stroke can be safely given the potentially life saving clot-busting treatment.


First, Stroke, Increase, Steadily, Population, U.S.

Incidence of Stroke to Skyrocket well into The 21st Century

Approximately 400,000 Americans have a first-ever stroke each year, and according to researchers from the University of Iowa, current trends indicate that number will increase steadily, surpassing the 1 million mark in 2050.


Folate, Heart Disease, Prevention, Health, Nutrition, Vitamins

CRN Urges Federal Policy Makers to Incorporate Folic Acid, B6 Findings Into Life-Saving Health Messages

High intakes of two B vitaminsæfolic acid and B6æcan reduce the risk of heart disease in women by 45 percent, announced Harvard University researchers in the February 4, 1998, Journal of the American Medical Association.


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Kidney, Disease, Mycophenolate, Mofetil, MMF, Steroids, Glomerular, Disease

Organ Rejection Drug Also Shows Promise For The Treatment Of Kidney Disease

A Johns Hopkins evaluation of a drug commonly used to prevent rejection of kidney transplants has found that it also may help patients with severe symptoms of kidney disease.


Cardiovascular, Heart, Disease, Stroke, Prevention, Lifestyle, Teeth, Depression

Heart Disease Prevention And Treatment Tip Sheet

February is American Heart Month and the American Heart Association (AHA) has launched a nationwide campaign to educate people---especially women---about the dangers of heart disease and stroke.

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