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Mental, Psychiatry, Research, Guideline, National, Bioethics, Advisory, Commission

Psychiatric Research at Risk?

The American Psychiatric Association commended the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) for its efforts to insure that the right of participants--particularly those with mental disorders--come first in clinical research.


Antibiotics, Resistant, Bacteria, Superbugs, Pharmacists, Prescriptions, Compliance

Antibiotic Misuse Helps "Superbugs" Evolve

Consumers lack a consistent understanding of how and when to use antibiotics, according to a new survey conducted by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).


Gallstones, Cholesterol, Lecithin, bile, Chemistry, Gallbladder, Delaware

A Stony Science: Making cholesterol 'glow' may shed light on gallstones and other ailments

Using a 'glowing twin' of cholesterol and other bile components, researchers have characterized an enzyme known to speed the growth of gallstones. The UD system for studying bile chemistry may someday help geneticists pinpoint and perhaps turn off the genes responsible for gallstone formation. And, the technique may suggest new strategies for investigating other problems involving cholesterol--particularly cardiovascular ailments.


Heart, Valve, Infection, Dental, Procedures, Endocarditis

No Link Between Dental Procedures and Heart Valve Infection

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine researchers say that the current practice of administering antibiotics to at-risk patients to prevent the onset of heart-valve disease resulting from dental work is unnecessary, according to results of their latest study.


Dental, Antibiotics, Infective, Endocarditis, Heart, Valves

Dental care is not a risk for heart valve disease, new study says

A new study calls into question an widespread medical practice of giving antibiotics to certain heart patients before dental work, finding that dental procedures are rarely a risk factor for infective endocarditis, or bacterial or fungal infection of the heart valves.


Dental, Heart, Valve, Hepatitis, CPR, Infection, Interferon

November 15, 1998 Annals of Internal Medicine TipSheet from ACP-ASIM

1) Dental procedures do not increase patients' risk for valve infections; practice of giving antibiotics before dental work should be reconsidered, 2) The supplement Complete Thymic Formula doesn't help hepatitis C patients previously treated with interferon, 3) CPR: Risks, benefits and strategies for preventing infection.


Email, Consult, Communication, Primary, care

E-mail alternative for informal consultations with physicians

Physicians often seek informal advice from specialists about their patientsí problems, but many times the consultations require a round or two of phone tag or happen hastily as the two colleagues pass each other in a rush. George R. Bergus, M.D., a University of Iowa associate professor of family medicine, has alleviated some of these consultation frustrations for doctors in his department. He has taken the interaction to the Internet.


Cardiac, Cardiology, Azithromycin, Recurrent, Heart, Attack

Cardiac Clinical Trial Studies Use of Antibiotic in Preventing Heart Attack

A clinical trial currently under way at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center could have profound ramifications for preventing recurring heart attacks by using a common, inexpensive antibiotic.


Therapeutics, Clinical, Effectiveness, Research, Quality, Grants

Call for Ideas and Study Topics for New Therapeutic Research Program

AHCPR published a call for ideas and study topics for grants to establish Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERTS). When established, the demonstration centers will conduct state-of-the-art clinical and laboratory research to increase effective use and awareness of new uses of drugs, biological products and devices; the risks of new uses and the risks of combinations of drugs and biological products.


Ultrasound, Birth, Defects, Pregnancy

New Ultrasound Protocol May Detect Birth Defects Noninvasively

Ultrasound scans that pose no danger to the fetus can detect a majority of genetic anomalies early in pregnancy, substantially reducing the subsequent need for amniocentesis, according to physician researchers at NYU School of Medicine

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