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Link Made Between Human Growth Hormone, Bone Quality In Mice

Laboratory mice which have been genetically altered to produce human growth hormone grow to be 25-30 percent larger than normal mice---with much of that size difference coming from bigger bones, according to researchers.


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American College of Physicians' Annual Session April 2 to 5, 1998

5,000 doctors of internal medicine (internists) will attend the American College of Physicians' (ACP) 1998 Annual Session, the nation's largest gathering of adult health specialists. Faculty are internal medicine's best and brightest. Full complement of experts in end of life care.


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Temple Researchers Expand the Number of Heart Transplant Donors

Findings of a multi-year heart transplantation study indicate that the heart donor pool can be expanded through the use of undersized hearts. The donor pool for heart transplants could be increased by at least 25%. The use of undersized donor hearts can help to alleviate a shortage of donor organs and save lives.


Ticlopidine, SIDE, Effect, Stroke, Cardiac, Stents

Aspirin Substitute May Cause Potentially Fatal Platelet Disorder

Ticlopidine, a drug that acts like aspirin and is widely used to prevent stroke as well as blood clot formation following placement of cardiac stents, can cause thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare but potentially deadly circulatory disease.


Paralysis, Neurophysiology, Electrical, Stimulation, Delaware, Physical, Therapy

Motivating muscles: New UD study might help people with paralysis 'stay strong longer'

People who have suffered paralyzing injuries sometimes can regain limited control of their muscles, thanks to electrical stimulation techniques now under development, but pulse patterns should be varied to help patients stay strong longer, University of Delaware researchers report in the new Journal of Neurophysiology.


Cancer, Immunology, Genetics

Pitt Researchers Find Way to Block Cellular Growth Pathways and Inhibit Tumor Growth

At the annual American Association of Cancer Research meeting in New Orleans, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute researchers are presenting exciting evidence from animal models that blocking two cellular growth pathways causes tumor cells to die.


Cancer, Immunology, Genetics

Women Who Smoke While Pregnant Pass Along Genetic Mutations to Their Babies, According to Pitt Researchers

Certain mothers who smoke while pregnant are at high risk of passing along genetic damage to their babies, according to study results presented by University of Pittsburgh scientists on Tuesday, March 31, at the annual American Association for Cancer Research meeting in New Orleans.


Cancer, Immunology, Genetics

Pitt Researchers Find Marker for Bladder Cancer

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute researchers are reporting at the annual American Association for Cancer Research meeting in New Orleans that they have found the first specific marker that distinguishes tissues from individuals with bladder cancer from those without disease and that can be easily isolated from urine.


Cardiology, Ultrasound, Sonograph, Heart

Volumetrics Medical Imaging Inc. Unveils First Commercial Real-Time Volumetric Ultrasound System

The first fundamental breakthrough in diagnostic ultrasound in more than a decade was introduced today at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Atlanta. The Model 1, real-time volumetric ultrasound imaging system, developed by Volumetrics Medical Imaging, Inc. of Durham, N.C., provides instantaneous, quantifiable ultrasound scans of a whole organ, rather than a single slice.


Atlas, Zeneca, Congestive, Heart, Failure, Cardiology, ACE, Inhibitor

Heart Failure Study Shows High Doses of Ace Inhibitor Zestril (Lisinopril) Provide Significant Therapeutic Benefits

For the five million Americans who suffer from congestive heart failure, a new study shows that patients taking high doses of the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor Zwstril (lisinopril) may live longer and be hospitalized less often than those on low dose therapy. The results were announced today at the 47th Annual American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Session.

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