New NBA Ticketing System: Temple U Sport Ticketing, Pricing Expert Available for Interviews

Article ID: 594602

Released: 8-Oct-2012 11:05 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Temple University

Expert Pitch

Joris Drayer, an assistant professor at Temple’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and member of the university’s Sport Industry Research Center, is an expert in sport ticketing and pricing and is available for interviews on the NBA’s new ticketing destination. The system will be used for the upcoming season and will provide fans with primary and resale options in one location.

The new ticketing system is the first of its kind in the sports industry. Drayer first wrote about this type of system in 2009 in Sports Business Journal. “Fully integrating the primary and secondary ticket markets has the maximum benefit for sports properties and fans alike,” Drayer wrote. “This model should lead to more tickets sold for low-demand games and an increase in ticket revenue for high-demand games.”

As for its benefit for fans, Drayer added, “an open market might actually lower ticket prices for many events, similar to the impact the Internet has had on prices in other industries.”

For more information about Drayer, visit his faculty profile.


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