Perspective United States Military Policy in Iraq and Bush Legacy

Article ID: 544353

Released: 15-Sep-2008 5:50 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Tufts University

Newswise — Richard C. Eichenberg, professor of political science, is an expert on Bush's performance in office and also military policy. He has held grants and fellowships from the Mellon Foundation and the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. Recent publications include "War President: The Approval Ratings of President George W. Bush," Journal of Conflict Resolution, December 2006 [with Richard J. Stoll]; "Citizen Opinion on Foreign Policy and World Politics," in The Oxford Handbook of Political Behavior, Oxford University Press, 2007. Professor Eichenberg serves as an academic advisor for Transatlantic Trends, the German Marshall Fund's annual survey of American and European public opinion on security issues.

Quote:"There is simply no question in my mind that the Iraq war has substantially undercut Bush's ability to get other things done domestically or internationally," said Eichenberg. "When he was re-elected in the fall of 2004 he interpreted the election ... by saying that 'I have political capital. I'm going to spend it.' But the fact of the matter is he's spent it all on Iraq and he's got precious little left," Eichenberg said.


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