Space Policy Essay Competition

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Released: 19-Mar-2010 1:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Secure World Foundation

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    An essay competition is calling for views on humankind's space activities in the context of political, economic, industrial, legal, cultural and social impacts.

Newswise — Secure World Foundation and Space Policy journal are pleased to announce the Maxim Tarasenko/Secure World Foundation Prize – a 2010 student essay competition.

The competition is open to all law school students and graduate students of space policy for a publishable article on a topic of current debate.

“This award commemorates the pioneering work of a noted Russian space analyst, with support from an organization -- the Secure World Foundation -- whose aim of maintaining a sustainable and peaceful space environment would have been close to his heart,” said Frances Brown, editor of Space Policy, based in the United Kingdom and published by Elsevier.

“The award offers students the opportunity to reach a wide audience and have their essay published alongside the work of established authors within the space community,” Brown said.

Space Policy is an international, interdisciplinary journal which draws on the fields of international relations, economics, history, aerospace studies, security studies, development studies, political science and ethics to provide discussion and analysis of space activities in their political, economic, industrial, legal, cultural and social contexts.

Dr. Ray Williamson, Secure World Foundation’s Executive Director, serves on the International Editorial Board of the Space Policy journal.

Competition rules

1. The competition is open to all currently enrolled law school students and graduate students of space policy who have not previously published in the journal.

2. The topic may be freely chosen but should be of relevance to contemporary space activities. It must be original; while it may be based on research or study already conducted, it should not have been submitted as part of any exam, assessment or other competition. It should be typewritten in English and should be between 10 and 20 pages (or 2,500 and 5,000 words).

3. Essays should be submitted by December 31, 2010 to Frances Brown, Editor of Space Policy. Where possible they should be submitted electronically (in Word) to Students without access to the Internet may post their essays (including a disk version) to Seabank, Turnberry Road, Maidens, Ayrshire KA26 9NN, Scotland.

4. The judges will be the Editor of Space Policy and two others, drawn from Secure World Foundation and the journal’s editorial board. Although only one prize will be awarded, the Editor may offer publication to other entries submitted. Submitting to this competition does not guarantee publication in Space Policy or any other Elsevier journal, however.

5. The judges’ decision will be final.

The competition winner, in addition to the individual’s essay being published in the journal, will receive ₤500, a certificate and one year’s online subscription to Space Policy.

Note: A review copy of the current Space Policy is available at:

Secure World Foundation

Secure World Foundation (SWF) is headquartered in Superior, Colorado, with offices in Washington, D.C. and Vienna, Austria. SWF is a private operating foundation dedicated to the secure and sustainable use of space for the benefit of Earth and all its peoples.

SWF engages with academics, policy makers, scientists and advocates in the space and international affairs communities to support steps that strengthen global space security. It promotes the development of cooperative and effective use of space for the protection of Earth’s environment and human security.

The Foundation acts as a research body, convener and facilitator to advocate for key space security and other space related topics and to examine their influence on governance and international development.


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