Tracking HIV Spread Using Agent-Based Computer Modeling

Article ID: 610618

Released: 19-Nov-2013 5:20 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Expert Pitch

Thomas Leitner, Ph.D. Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

FIELD OF STUDYBiochemical Engineering VirologyTheoretical BiologyMy expertise rests on that I have studied HIV molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology for 20 years, during which time I’ve been PI on many projects investigating HIV molecular evolution. I am currently also co- PI on the Los Alamos HIV database, where my main responsibility is bioinformatics tool development and scientific content in the sequence database component. I have experience from running a Genomics core facility servicing a broad range of pathogen projects. I have published >100 scientific publications, mostly related to computational analyses of HIV evolution and molecular epidemiology, but also other pathogens and the molecular history of the domestic dog. I am currently collaborating with experimental, clinical, and theoretical scientists across the globe. All together making me particularly well-suited for study design and analyzing questions related to genetic evolution.


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