University of Maryland Law Professors Comment on Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

Article ID: 590970

Released: 28-Jun-2012 11:30 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: University of Maryland, Baltimore

Expert Pitch

From Robert Percival, Constitutional Law prof who taught this case in class:This shows that law has triumphed over politics and that we still enjoy an independent judiciary.

From Mark Graber, Constitutional Law expert and associate dean:A partial triumph for the Virginia Plan commitment to a federal government that had the powers to revolve all matters of national interest on which the individual states are incompetent. The United States, if barely, has a government with powers adequate the twenty-first century.

From Ellen Weber, professor of law: I’m just reading the opinion now, but this is a tremendous victory, particularly in Maryland. The State’s efforts to establish the Health Benefit Exchange will all go forward. The State is also prepared to file its application to HHS for a second round of federal funds to establish the IT system needed for the Exchange and a number of other tools to put the Exchange in place. That application will be filed by the end of this month, as we understand it, and will be funded. The one limitation that has been reported regarding the Medicaid program – that states that refuse to adopt the expansion for persons up to 138% of the federal poverty limit will not be penalized with the withdrawal of all existing Medicaid funds – will not affect Maryland. Maryland will move forward with its Medicaid expansion to ensure that all individuals up to 138% of FPL will gain coverage to an expansive set of health benefits currently provided to Medicaid enrollees. The State has estimated that an additional 219,000 individuals will be eligible for Medicaid. An estimated 405,000 individual are anticipated to purchase insurance through the Exchange.


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