Expert: Airstrike Escalations on Gaza Has to Be Viewed in Light of Impending Israeli Elections

Article ID: 596190

Released: 15-Nov-2012 9:00 AM EST

Source Newsroom: Cornell University

Expert Pitch

Mostafa Minawi, assistant professor of history at Cornell University, comments on the Israeli offensive on Gaza yesterday.

He says:

“Israeli escalation of air strikes on the densely populated and already ailing Gaza Strip is a move by the sitting ultra right wing government to unite the right at the ballot box.

“This same tactic was used, almost four years ago, when Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in December of 2008, a few weeks after the American elections, and a few weeks before the Israeli elections. Back then the invasion of Gaza helped in pushing the Israeli electorate to the right, albeit at the cost of thousands of Palestinian lives.

“One can only speculate that the timing of yet another war has to do with yet another election decided in the US, and another one to be decided in Israel, in January 2013.”

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