New App Helps Women Keep New Year’s Resolution to See Selves in More Positive Light

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Released: 13-Dec-2012 9:30 AM EST

Source Newsroom: Saint Mary's College

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Newswise — Remember Al Franken’s Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley? He’d sit in front of a mirror and tell himself “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” Well, now there’s an app for that...sort of.

Two Saint Mary's College students, who probably weren’t even alive when the Stuart Smalley character was popular, have come up with a self-affirming mobile application for women called Beautiful You. Instead of giving yourself a pep talk in front of a mirror, you can turn to your iPhone, iTouch, of iPad to receive daily doses of affirmation and encouragement. Beautiful You is available on iTunes for $.99.

“The app allows users to tap into their potential as women and empower them to be brave, confident beacons of hope in a world where women’s bodies are painfully scrutinized,” said Monica Murphy ’13, a social work major.

Last New Year’s Eve, Murphy and Meghan Roder ’15, a nursing major, came up with the app concept. The students from the women’s college in Notre Dame, Indiana partnered with app developer Cory Rehs, an Indiana State University student, to bring it to life. They hope the app will help women with their resolutions for 2013.

“We all struggle with some sort of challenge—whether it be professional, personal, physical, or emotional—and this can be a tool to use to help pick us up and give us the support and encouragement we need to face whatever we are facing with confidence and faith,” Roder said.

Available for the iPhone® and iPod touch®, Beautiful You speaks truth into women’s hearts, promotes a positive body image, and allows women to seek personal growth. Beautiful You, allows users to:

• Encourage a sense of self-worth through inspirational quotes, and thought-provoking words of hope and wisdom.• Reflect on the true beauty in the heart and mind, by shifting the focus from dress size, to personal self-worth as a woman.• Challenge the standards of “perfection” and “beauty” by reconstructing a healthy, positive outlook through interactive questions and daily challenges to activate inner confidence and promote positive change and leadership.• Evaluate personal progress through an interactive self-esteem tracker, which allows users to reflect on exactly how much their self-esteem has improved each and every day.• Contribute kind words of encouragement to other users through a social forum that fosters positive attitude and encouragement.

“As a social work major and a person of faith, I felt called to do a project that would speak truth, offer hope and impact females on a broader level. Beautiful You has encouragement, reflections and challenges to inspire females from all walks of life and backgrounds,” Murphy added.

Stuart Smalley would likely approve, though he might wish there was a Beautiful You for men.


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