Cancer Genetics Expert is Available to Comment on Hereditary Cancer Syndrome

Article ID: 599632

Released: 26-Feb-2013 2:25 PM EST

Source Newsroom: ProMedica

Expert Pitch

According to the American Cancer Society, “Without question, genetic testing will play a larger role in cancer risk assessment, detection, and treatment in the future.” While hereditary cancers represent only 5-10 percent of all diagnosed cancers; the benefits of identifying these at-risk families are significant. Once a hereditary cancer syndrome is identified within a family, targeted testing, screening, surgery and other options are available not only to the patient, but their family members as well. The end result is families who can be more proactive about their health.

Kelly Morse a board-certified genetic counselor specializing in cancer genetics is available to comment on who might be at risk for hereditary cancer and the benefits of genetic testing. Kelly received her Bachelors in Biology from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio and her Masters in Medical Genetics and Genetic Counseling from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kelly has previously worked in Urbana, Illinois at the Carle Cancer Center and Mills Breast Cancer Institute seeing patients who are at high risk for having a hereditary cancer syndrome based on personal or family history. Currently, Kelly works for ProMedica Cancer Institute at ProMedica Flower Hospital in Toledo, Ohio.


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