Farm Bill Gives Stability to a Risky Enterprise

Article ID: 613316

Released: 4-Feb-2014 3:50 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Cornell University

Expert Pitch

Kathryn Boor, food scientist and the dean of Cornell University’s top-ranked College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, commends Congress for passing a farm bill today.

Boor says:"Agriculture is a cornerstone of our economy, and having a farm bill in hand offers stability to farmers, producers, and consumers alike. This is an important accomplishment, and though it took too long for us to arrive here, Congress can count this as a success.

“The elimination of the direct payment program and the modifications in crop insurance resources do not change a fundamental truth – farming is an enterprise filled with risk, and farmers, regardless of the scale of their business, must be forward-thinking and proactive in their efforts, all of which culminate in the food on our table."

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