MMIS, Inc. Develops Free Validation Solution to Help Life Science Companies Meet the OPEN PAYMENTS Federal Reports March 31st Deadline

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Released: 5-Feb-2014 3:00 PM EST

Source Newsroom: MMIS-Inc.

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Newswise — MMIS, a leading provider of SaaS compliance solutions for the life science industry, introduces MediSpend® Validate, an easy-to-use, self-service tool, designed to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies validate all three Federal Open Payment Reports. MediSpend® Validate fills the gap in the current transparency process.

Many companies have implemented a commercial aggregate spend system or work with a homegrown solution, but every company must validate their data to ensure accuracy with the CMS templates and to validate physician and institution demographic data. MediSpend® Validate provides an easy and cost-effective solution to this problem. Using validation algorithms, designed by subject matter experts based on the CMS Federal report templates, MediSpend® Validate gives life science companies the opportunity to proactively check, review and analyze their data quality prior to submission.

President & CEO of MMIS, Michaeline Daboul, states, “We developed a 3-step process to enable companies to check the data accuracy of their reports against the CMS required fields, prior to the required upload and attestation on the OPEN PAYMENTS portal.”

Companies who wish to use this free service can sign-up for a trial at the MediSpend® Validate portal, upload their data sets in one of three standard Federal reports and within 24 hours receive a high-level report summary on the entire dataset and detailed report for the first 100 records. “Proactively analyzing and validating data is a key component to a successful compliance program,” commented Daboul. “Companies need to identify errors and MediSpend® Validate will become a key part of every transparency program helping companies mitigate risk and ensure compliance.”

For more information on MediSpend® Validate or to learn about the MediSpend® Global Compliance Platform please contact Colby Jacobson at +1(888) 731-7322 x 8107, or send an email to

About MMIS, Inc. MMIS is a global technology company providing compliance and business intelligence solutions for the life science industry. MMIS is a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions dedicated to helping our pharmaceutical, medical device and bio-pharmaceutical companies comply with state, federal and global transparency laws. MMIS offers a comprehensive, cloud-based modular platform with tools to aggregate, manage and analyze data across the enterprise.

Developed by attorneys and IT specialists with over 25 years of experience in healthcare compliance, the MediSpend® Global Compliance Platform represents the first end-to-end compliance and data analytics SaaS solution designed specifically to help life science executives make better-informed business decisions while ensuring compliance with global transparency laws.

Our customers benefit from our proprietary data aggregation and analysis tools: MediSpend® (aggregate spend tracking and reporting tool), MediSpend® Notification and Dispute Resolution tool (manage and exchange data with physicians and healthcare organizations to resolve disputes), MediSpend® Data Analytics (Business Intelligence tool) and the Physicians Professional Network® (PPN) (a cloud-based platform to enable physician-to-physician and physician-to-industry connections. The PPN allows physicians to review and dispute--if necessary--spend data to be reported by pharmaceutical and medical device companies and create and maintain a personal disclosure database).


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